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Инструкция по эксплуатации Orion Car Audio, модель PLMRA620

Производитель: Orion Car Audio
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This warranty is limited to the original retail purchase. Should the product fail due to factory defects in material or workmanship, your unit will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Pyle. To obtain warranty service you must first call our Consumer Return Hotline number at (718) 236-6948 to obtain a Return Authorization number. This R.A.# must appear on the outside of your package and on all paperwork relating to your return. When returning a product to us for warranty service it must be carefully packed and shipped prepaid to: R.A.# Pyle Service Center 1600 63rd Street Brooklyn, NY 11204 amplifiers You must also include the following items: • A copy of your sales receipt or other proof of purchase • A brief letter indicating the problem you are experiencing • include in your letter your return address, daytime phone number, and R.A. number • also include a check or money order for $18.00 for return shipping, handling, and insurance, or provide your Visa/MC number with expiration date. Our obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective unit when it is returned to us prepaid. This warranty will be considered void if the unit was tampered with, improperly serviced, or subject to misuse, neglect, or accidental damage. congratulations... on your purchase of a Pyle Marine Series amplifier. This amplifier extends the Pyle tradition into a totally new series of amps, designed from the ground up to deliver the power, performance and flexibility the modern car audio enthusiast demands. When you check the list of features offered by the PLMRA620 you’ll know you made the right choice with a Pyle Marine amplifier. table of contents general features 2 features and specifications PLMRA620 3-4 electrical connections PLMRA620 5 1/2/3/4 channel input connections PLMRA620 6 mono input connections PLMRA620 7 speaker connections PLMRA620 8 speaker connections PLMRA620 9 mounting and installation 10 protection circuitry and troubleshooting 11 precautions 12 general features PLMRA620 High Performance 2000 Watt 6 Channel Bridgeable MOSFET Amplifier · 100 Watts x 4 Output. +250 Watts x 2 Output. · 250 W x 4. +500 W x 2 Bridged Output ( 400 W x 2 + 900 W x 1) · Variable Hi/Lo Electronic Crossover Network ( CH1/CH2/ and CH3/CH4) · Variable Bass Boost (0 - +18 dB @ 60Hz) ( CH5/CH6) · Variable Input Level (Gain) Control · Low and High Pass Filter Controls( CH3/CH4) · Remote Turn On/Off · Gold Plated RCA Inputs · Power ON LED Indicator · LED Protection Indicator · S/N Ratio: > 95 dB · THD: <0.04% · Thermal Protection · Overload Protection · Short Circuit Protection · Anti-Thump Turn-On · Blue LED Level Display 2 features and specifications 6 ch amp PLMRA620 3 PLMRA620 features and specifications 6 ch amp PLMRA620 PLMRA620 CH3/CH4 crossover mode selector input level control CH5/CH6 low pass frequency control CH1/CH2/CH3/CH4high pass frequency control bass boost level control low level inputs power LED protection LED power fuse power terminals speaker connections when used with normal, full range systems, set this switch to “FULL.” If you wish to use the internal crossover to power a driver of specific frequency range, use the “LOWPASS” or “HIGHPASS” settings. use this control to match the outputs of your head unit to the amplifier. Starting with your head unit set at about the 2 o’clock position, increase the amp level control until distortion begins to occur, and reduce slightly from this point. when the crossover selector switch is in “low pass” mode, this control sets the upper frequency limit for audio program sent to the speakers. when the crossover selector switch is in “high pass” mode, this control sets the lower frequency limit for audio program sent to the speakers. this control permits adjustment of the bass level up to an increase of approximately 18 dB. this amp features gold-plated RCA input jacks for high impedance input. Use these with car stereo output which uses RCA-type connector cables. this indicator is illuminated when power is applied. this indicator is illuminated when built-in protection circuitry is activated. the fuse protects the amplifier and your car’s electrical system from short circuit conditions. use these connectors to deliver power, ground and remote turn-on control to the amplifier. these terminals are 14K gold plated to guarantee high conductivity and minimum signal loss. output power @ 14.4v DC, 1KHz RMS Power @ 4 Ohms RMS Power @ 2 Ohms Maximum Power Output frequency response input impedance low level inputs high level inputs input sensitivity low level inputs power supply voltage matching speaker impedance stereo mode bridged mode maximum current draw dimensions (W x H x L) mm inches 6 channel amplifier 4 x 100 Watts + 2 x 250 Watts 4 x 175 Watts + 1 x 400 Watts 4 x 250 Watts + 2 x 500 Watts 15 Hz-30 KHz 10K Ohms 100 Ohms 250mV 14.4V DC Neg. Ground (10.5-16V) 2-4 Ohms 4-8 Ohms 30A x 2 276 x 69.5 x 498 10.9 x 2.7 x 19.6 4 el...

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