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Инструкция по эксплуатации Soundstream Technologies, модель 702

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The system gain should then be adjusted on the BLT Balanced Line Transmitter, other other balanced line audio source. For the pin configuration, see the diagram below: BAIANCED + left Signal 13 ( INSTALLATION STEP 3 ] WIRING POWER AND GROUND To ensure maximum output from your RUBICON amplifier, use high quality, low- loss power and ground cables and connections. The RUBICON amplifiers will accept up to 4 gauge power and ground cables. Determine from the chart below the minimum gauge power and ground wire for your application. up to 10’ up to 20’ I I I I REMOTE TURN-ON Connect the “Remote” line to the turn-on lead from the source unit. When +12 Volts is received, the amplifier will turn on. SIGNAL CABLE Use a high quality cable that will be easy to install and has minimal signal loss to guarantee optimum performance. SPEAKER CABLE The RUBICON amplifiers will accept up to 8 gauge speaker cable. Use a high quality, flexible, multi-strand cable for best performance and longevity. RUBICON 502 4 or 8 gauge 4 gauge only RUB/CON 702 I 4 or 8 gauge 4 gauge only RUB/CON 1002 4 gauge only 4 gauge only Fuse 1 at the Battery ” To Chassis Ground I ’ To 2nd Amplifier I_ (optIona<) [Head Unit iw 1 CIRCUIT BREAKERS AND FUSES EXTERNAL Like all audio components, the RUBICON amplifiers must be fused near the battery. A fuse or circuit breaker must be located within 18” of the batterv. This will prevent a fire in the event of a shorted cable. See the chart below to determine the correct fuse value. SPEAKERS To +lZV INTERNAL + I- Battery Terminal The RUBICON amplifiers are fused with an automotive-type or Maxi-fuse. In the event of a blown power supply fuse(s), replace with the correct value fuse found in the chart below. Never replace the fuse with a higher value than what is supplied. This may result in amplifier damage and will void the warranty1 RUB/CON Amplifier Fuse Values I Amplifier Fuse I Battery Fuse / Circuit Breaker I I RUBICON 502 I (2) 30 amp automotive I 80 amp I I RUB/CON 702 I 60 amp Maxi-fuse T 80 amp-1 1 RUB/CON 1002 1 80 amp Maxi-fuse 100 amp 15 14 f INSTALLATION STEP 4 AMPLIFIER LOCATION The RUBICON amplifiers employ highly efficient circuitry, a custom-engineered heat sink, and a unique Chassisink construction to maintain lower operating temperatures. Additional cooling may be required if the amplifier is located in a tightly confined area or when driving especially low impedance loads at extremely high levels. When mounting the amplifier, it should be securely mounted to either a panel in the vehicle or an amp board or rack that is securely mounted to the vehicle. The mounting location should be either in the passenger compartment or in the trunk of the vehicle, away from moisture, stray or moving objects, and major electrical components. To provide adequate ventilation, mount the amplifier so that there are at least two inches of freely circulating air above and to the sides of it. MOUNTING THE AMPLIFIER a. Using the amplifier as a template, mark the holes on the mounting surface. b. Remove the amplifier and drill the holes for the mounting screws. C. Secure the amplifier to the mounting surface using the supplied hardware. WIRING a. Run and connect the audio signal and remote turn-on cables to the amplifier from the source unit. b. Carefully run the positive cable from the amplifier to a fuse or circuit breaker within 18” of the battery. C. Connect the fuse or circuit breaker lead to the battery. Leave the circuit breaker off or the fuse out until everything is bolted down. d. Secure the ground cable to a solid chassis ground on the vehicle. It may be necessary to sand paint down to raw metal for a good connection. e. Double check each and every connection! f. Re-connect the fuse or circuit breaker. POWER UP Power up the system, there may be a 2-3 second delay from the time the source unit is turned on to the time that the amplifier turns on, which is normal. Once the amplifer LED is on and the source unit is playing, you should have sound coming from the speakers. 16 INSTALLATION STEP 5 ) LEVEL SETTlNG The input levels are adjusted by means of the individual channel input level controls located on the front of the amplifier. This is a unique dual-stage circuit that adjusts both level and gain. This topology maintains better S/N Ratio even when using sources with minimal output. In the ideal situation, all components in the audio system reach maximum undistorted output at the same time. If you send a distorted signal to an amplifier, it is simply going to amplify distorted information. The same holds true if an outboard processor or crossover begins to distort before you have maximum output from the amplifier. By setting all components to reach clipping at the same time, you can maximize the output of your system. For the RUBICON amplifiers, follow these steps for setting the input levels: 1. Turn the amplifiers’ input levels to minimum position (counter-clockwise) 2. Set the source unit volume to approx...

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