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Инструкция по эксплуатации Tripp Lite, модель POWERVERTER PV1800GFCI

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AC Introduction 2 Safety 2 Feature Identification 3 Operation 4 Application Guide 5 Mounting 5 Battery Connection 6 Troubleshooting/Service/Maintenance/Warranty 7 Warranty Registration 8 1111 W. 35th Street, Chicago, IL 60609 USA Copyright © 2010. PowerVerter® is a registered trademark of Tripp Lite. All rights reserved. Introduction Reliable AC Power Wherever You Need It! Congratulations! You’ve purchased the most advanced, feature-rich Inverter designed as a mobile energy source for your vehicle. PowerVerter Inverters efficiently convert DC (battery) power into 120V AC (household) power, allowing you to use equipment you commonly use at home—appliances, entertainment systems, computers, power tools and more—while cruising the open road or out on the open water. PowerVerter Inverters, through a high- efficiency conversion process and a charge conservation setting, draw the highest level of performance from your batteries without overtaxing them, lengthening their service life. An automatic low battery shutdown feature ensures you'll always have plenty of power for starting purposes. • Automatic Overload Protection • Automatic “Battery-Saver” Low Voltage Shutdown • High Efficiency DC-to-AC Inversion • Multi-Function Lights & Switches • Optional Remote Control Capability (Module included with PV3000GFCI) Important Safety Instructions SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS! This manual contains important instructions and warnings that should be followed during the installation, operation and storage of all Tripp Lite Inverters. Location Warnings • Install your Inverter in a location or compartment in your vehicle that minimizes exposure to heat, dust, direct sunlight and moisture. Flooding the unit with water will cause it to short circuit and could cause personal injury due to electric shock. • Leave a minimum of 2" clearance at front and back of the Inverter for proper ventilation. To avoid overheating the Inverter, any compartment that contains the Inverter must be properly ventilated with adequate outside air flow. The heavier the load of connected equipment, the more heat will be generated by the unit. • Do not install the Inverter directly near magnetic storage media, as this may result in data corruption. • Do not install near flammable materials, fuel or chemicals. • Do not mount unit with its front or rear panel facing down (at any angle). Mounting in this manner will seriously inhibit the unit’s internal cooling, eventually causing product damage not covered under warranty. Battery Connection Warnings • Multiple battery systems must be comprised of batteries of identical voltage, age, amp-hour capacity and type. • Because explosive hydrogen gas can accumulate near batteries if they are not kept well ventilated, your batteries should not be installed in a “dead air” compartment. Ideally, any compartment would have some ventilation to outside air. • Sparks may result during final battery connection. Always observe proper polarity as batteries are connected. • Do not allow objects to contact the DC input terminals. Do not short or bridge these terminals together. Serious personal injury or property damage could result. Ground Connection Warnings • Safe operation requires connecting the Inverter's Main Ground Lug directly to the frame of the vehicle or earth ground. Equipment Connection Warnings • Use of this equipment in life support applications where failure of this equipment can reasonably be expected to cause the failure of the life support equipment or to significantly affect its safety or effectiveness is not recommended. Do not use this equipment in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air, oxygen or nitrous oxide. • Do not connect surge suppressors, line conditioners or UPS systems to the output of the inverter which contains TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors) or damage will occur. Operation Warnings • Your Inverter does not require routine maintenance. • Potentially lethal voltages exist within the Inverter as long as the battery supply is connected. During any service work, the battery supply should therefore be disconnected. • Do not connect or disconnect batteries while the Inverter is operating from the battery supply. Dangerous arcing may result. Feature Identification Identify the premium features on your specific model and quickly locate instructions on how to maximize their use. 1 Operating Mode Switch: controls Inverter operation. Set this 3-position rocker switch to “ON” to have your Inverter provide connected equipment with AC power by converting DC power from an attached battery. Set switch to “OFF” when not using connected equipment to prevent battery drain. Set switch to “REMOTE” to remotely monitor and control the Inverter with the use of an optional remote module. 2 “LOAD” Indicator Lights: intuitive “traffic light” signals show approximate equipment load level. See "Operation for instructions on reading indicator lights. 3 “BATTERY” Indicator ...

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