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Инструкция по эксплуатации Advent, модель TOCLS-OE100

Производитель: Advent
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Step 3 : Press the icon to access the navigation main menu screen. Step 4 -- Select Destination You have many ways to select a destination. For this example, let’s find a nearby Airport. Select by touching screen: • Icon to activate main menu. • Start Route Guidance • Point of Interest • State/Province NOTE: The software remembers the last State/Province, so this step is not necessary every time. • By Category • Airport • Sort by Distance • Select one of these functions and the system will calculate a route to that destination using the criteria set in the Setup menu. Step 5 -- Map/Guide along Route Proceed to the highlighted route and drive while the NavMate software provides audible and visual guidance to your destination. Step 6 -- Arrive at Destination That’s it! You’ve arrived at the selected destination. Refer to the rest of this manual to become more familiar with the many options available on your NavMate software. Quick Start Using Your Software The best way to learn about this product is to use it, while observing the safety precautions discussed earlier. Function Buttons The buttons on the bottom of the display are called function buttons. These buttons change labels and function depending on the screen displayed. The list below provides a brief description of the function buttons. Zoom in the map to show a smaller area Zoom out the map to show a larger area View Map, Return to Map mode Display menu, jump to main menu Display map in 3D view Display map in 2D view After panning map, select current panned position Select currently highlighted item Display spell mode Page up in displayed list Page down in displayed list Go back one step Repeat voice instructions Navigation Menus Main Menu Screen This screen illustrates the Main Menu options available when the icon is pressed. Main Menu Options Select this Option to... Home Address Route to home address Go to... Pick a destination for routing Setup Set preferences for routing and navigation display Office Address Route to office address Trip Computer Display Speed, Trip, Odometer and Clock readings Average Speed, Maxium Speed, Total Trip Time, Stopped Time, Drive Time, Elevation, Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), Trip Odometer, Digital Clock, and Current Speed Selecting Destination There are five ways to select a destination: 1. Address and Intersection 2. Point of Interest (POI) 3. Favorites 4. Coordinates 5. History Several of the methods allow you to move through a list by scrolling using the page up or down keys or by searching using an on screen keyboard (Spell Mode): Many of the lists keep track of the last five most recently used selections (history). This list allow you to quickly select items that are used frequently. Navigation Menus Keyboard Screen Buttons Button Press This Button To... Delete last entered character Select currently input characters and show list of matches Switch keyboard from QWERTY layout to special character layout Switch keyboard from special character layout to QWERTY layout Quit Spell Mode and return to List Mode Map Mode Screen Buttons The table below explains the button functions available on the Map Screen. Button Press This Button To... Show smaller map area Show larger map area Show main menu Change type of map view If no active route, select current location Mute Destination Selection (Go To...) Destination Selection (GO TO...) To select a destination, you must select “Go To…” from the Main Menu. Destination Selection Buttons The table below explains the button functions available on the Map Screen Address/Intersection Button Press This Button To... Return to map mode Return to main menu Go back one step Destination Selection (Go To...) Postal/City/Street/Intersection: You may select either the Postal code or City Name or the Street Name first. NOTE: When the icon is pressed, the icon will change to the next category (Postal, City, or Street) • Postal Code icon – If you know the postal code, select this option to quickly find the city. NOTE: The postal code search is limited to the currently selected State/Province. Postal code searching may not be available in all areas. • City Name icon - If you know the city and street, select this option. You could use the “Street Name” option instead, but it is quicker and easier to use the “City Name” option when you know both parts of the address. If you selected the “City Name” option, continue by following the prompts on the display screen to select a city first, then street, then address number of the intersection. If you selected the “Street Name” option, follow the prompt to select a street name, then a city, then a street address or intersection • Street Name icon - If you know the street name but you are not sure of the city, select this option. You might use this option, for example, if you were in a large metropolitan area and a street continues through multiple cities and you are not sure of which city is appropriate for the street. If you know the street addre...

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