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Инструкция по эксплуатации SkyLink, модель OTODOR DM-50A

Производитель: SkyLink
Размер: 16.78 kb
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24V Operation. Holding force is 100 Lbs. Otodor DM-001 can control up to 4 units of MC-201 ( = 400 Lbs) . ES-201 Electric Strike This item only sell to the locksmiths or installers as they have experience and required skills to modify the door frame during installation. 24V Operation. Controlled by Otodor DM-001. Included are the connection wire with connectors. WB-201 Wall mount transmitter Wall mount transmitter, built in with battery Operated by 12V alkaline battery UP-500 UPS power back up 120VAC input / output (or 220 or 240V for different countries) 500VA. Users can buy this item for back up from computer stores * Operator stand alone Version Introduction and applications -- (Stand alone operators such as DM-001, DM-001A and DM-001B will not offer to the market) DM-001 Original Design, refer to user manual for details. Skylink will not only offer the operator stand alone, only offer: DM-50, DM-50A, DM-50B, DM-100, DM-100A, DM-150, DM-150A and DM-150B ( a set of opener) . DM-001A Add on feature to DM-001: When the door is opened manually, the door will be closed automatically after 10 seconds to 50 seconds (depending on timer setting) . Application: A door will automatically close after being opened manually or opened by the transmitter or wall button switch (availability: upon request) DM-001B Add on feature to DM-001 and DM-001A: When manually pushing the door open approx. 1 inch, the door will continue to completely open automatically Application: Easy for wheelchairers or walkers to open the door. When they push the door slightly, the door will automatically open (availability: upon request) For questions or information : Please feel free to contact Skylink's Customer Service by e- mail at: info@skylinkhome.com ...

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