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Инструкция по эксплуатации GTO, модель SL-2000B

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Keep in mind that the gate operator is just one component of the total gate operating system. Each component must work in unison to provide the consumer with convenience, security, and safety. This manual contains various safety precautions and warnings for the system designer, installer, and consumer. Because there are many possible applications of the gate operator, the safety precautions and warnings contained in this manual cannot be completely exhaustive in nature. They do, however, provide an overview of the safe design, installation, and use of this product. CAREFULLY READ AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS, WARNINGS, AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS TO ENSURE THE SAFE SYSTEM DESIGN, INSTALLATION, AND USE OF THIS PRODUCT. The precautions and warnings in this manual are identified with this warning symbol. The symbol identifies the conditions that can result in damage to the operator or its components, serious injury, or death. Because GTO automatic gate operators are only part of a total gate operating system, it is the responsibility of the designer, installer, and purchaser to ensure the total system is safe for its intended use. Bypassing safety devices or neglecting to use safety devices with the gate operator is NOT acceptable. TO MANUALLY OPEN AND CLOSE THE GATE, FOLLOW THE PROCEDURE BELOW: CAUTION: Disconnect the operator chain ONLY when the gate is NOT moving. 1. Lift the quick release pins UP, then pull them OUT of the chain brackets (see illustration). 2. Lay the chain down and manually slide the gate to the desired position. To prevent unauthorized removal of the quick release pins, install pin locks (see accessory catalog) above the quick release pins in both chain brackets. Quick Release Pin (211IH) Chain Bracket (204IH) IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 2 FOR THE SYSTEM DESIGNER WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury or death: 1. READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS. 2. This operator is intended for use only on vehicular gates. Pedestrians must be supplied with a separate walk-through gate (see Entrapment Protection on page 6). 3. When designing a system that will be entered from a highway or main thoroughfare, make sure the system is placed far enough from the road to prevent traffic congestion. FOR THE INSTALLER WARNING-To reduce the risk of injury or death: I. Before Installation 1. READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS. 2. Verify this operator is proper for the type and size of gate, and its frequency of use. 3. Make sure the gate has been properly installed and slides freely in both directions. Repair or replace all worn or damaged gate hardware prior to installation. A freely moving gate will require less force to operate and will enhance the performance of the operator and safety devices used with the system. 4. All openings of a horizontal slide gate must be guarded or screened to prevent a 21/4 inch diameter sphere from passing through openings anywhere in the gate. This screen (or guard) must also be installed over the portion of adjacent fence that the gate covers in the open position (see page 6). 5. Review the operation of the system and become familiar with its safety features. Understand how to disconnect the operator chain with the quick release pins for manual operation of the gate (see page 1). 6. This gate operator is intended for vehicular gates ONLY. A separate entrance or gate must be installed for pedestrian use (see page 6). NO ONE SHOULD CROSS THE PATH OF A MOVING GATE. II. During Installation 1. Install the gate operator on the inside of the property and fence line. DO NOT install an operator on the outside of the gate where the public has access to it. 2. Be careful with moving parts and avoid close proximity to areas where fingers or hands could be pinched. 3. Determine the best obstruction sensing setting for this installation. The gate MUST stop and reverse on contact with an obstruction or when an object activates the non-contact sensors. After adjusting the force or the limit of travel, retest the gate operator. Failure to adjust and retest the gate operator properly increases the risk of injury or death. 4. Additional safety equipment such as roller guards and safety edges (or photoelectric sensors) MUST be installed to prevent bodily injury (see page 6). 5. Mount access controls away from the gate (minimum distance is 10 feet). The user must have full view of the gate but be unable to touch it while operating the controls. 6. Secure outdoor or easily accessed gate operator controls in order to prohibit unauthorized use of the gate. III. After Installation 1. Review ALL safety instructions with the consumer/end user and explain the basic operation and safety systems of the entire gate operator system, including disconnecting the chain for manual gate operation. 2. Inform the consumer/end user that servicing of the operator must only be done by an experienced technician. 3. Attach the warning signs (included) to each side of the gate to alert public of automatic gate opera...

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