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Инструкция по эксплуатации Kidco, модель G10

Производитель: Kidco
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Since each child’s skills develop at different ages, these age parameters should be monitored against your own child’s development. The gate must be installed in a structurally sound opening. Never install between two railings or stair posts. Ensure mounting surface (wall, doorframe, stair post etc.) is strong, rigid and is smooth, clean and grease free. If mounting to brick, dry wall or other surfaces, an optional gate installation kit, wooden board mounted to the surface or additional hardware may be necessary to provide a solid, smooth surface. When mounting gate to a stair post, handle must always be on opposite side of stair post, next to wall. Generally, pressure mounted gates are not recommended for use at the top of the stairs. However, the Gateway’s advanced walkthrough design makes it possible for it to be used in this application when these instructions are followed carefully. 0 Intended for use with children from 6 months through 36 months. l• Check the stability of the gate and tighten all hardware and mountings regularly. l• To prevent serious injury or death, securely install gate orenclosure and use according to manufacturer’s instructions. l• Never use with a child able to climb over or dislodge/open the gate or enclosure. 0 Never use if gate is 3/4 of child’sheight. I a Do not use if any part of gate is broken or missing. This product will not neccessarily prevent all accidents. Never leave child unattended. • Use only spare parts from KidCo. Never allow child to climb or • swing on gate. Use only with the locking/latching mechanism securely engaged. • • Closely supervise child when gate is installed at the top of the stairs. Button Spindle housing Hinge / Handle Spindle D n Spindle C (already fittec 0 Spindle A \ \ Safety foot / / , Wrench Bi 7~~ Walk through section 1 = 1L 1 Pressure indicator/Wrench Note: To prevent over extension of spindles, notches have intentionally been cut into the threads approximately 3 1/4" from the pad ends. Optional 6” or 12” extensions are available for larger openings. Only one extension recommended per gate. If using gate on a stairway, it must be placed either on top stair or on lowest stair at bottom. Push spindles A, B, C into three corners of gate. Note these spindles are pulled not screwed, into and out of their housings and occasionally may be tight. Center gate in opening, with bottom rail resting on floor. Gaps on each side should be equal. Insert step plate under bottom rail on desired side. Release locking mechanism by pressing locking button in while lifting handle. BUTTON MUST ALWAYS BE PRESSED IN WHEN LIFTING HANDLE. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN HANDLE MECHANISM BREAKING. Pull out spindles A and B until they touch mounting surface. With walk-through door slightly open, tighten nuts toward gate frame as tightly as possible using wrench provided. Each spindle adjusts individually and may be extended to varying lengths to allow for molding, uneven walls, etc. Spindles may be extended a minimum of 1" but not more than 3 1/4" each side. Close walk-through so safety foot is above bottom rail but do not lower handle. Pull out spindle C until it touches mounting surface. Tighten nut towards the gate frame until safety foot rests on bottom rail. If hinge starts to lift, nut is too tight and should be loosened until hinge is back in position. With handle in raised position, un-screw handle spindle D until it is 1/8" from mounting surface. Close handle and check all hardware. If correctly installed gate should be firmly in place and handle will need to be raised to open and close walk-through. If gate is unstable, raise handle and unscrew spindle a little further. Recheck hardware until gate is secure. Once secure, tighten nut towards gate frame. If gate is not stable reread directions thoroughly. Make certain gate is appropriate size for opening and all steps have been followed accurately. A pressure indicator has been added as an additional safeguard. Lift handle and locate groove on underside. Return handle to closed position and place indicator hook under groove. Push in button while pulling pressure indicator up. Black gauge within indicator will start moving down. Recommended pressure is between 4 and 5. If gauge is not within that range, loosen handle spindle out a little further and retest pressure. If unable to obtain recommended pressure, it is important to know that gate is not defective, Gate requires a strong, rigid surface to maintain pressure. It may be necessary to consult a hardware store or baby proofer to find a solution for safe installation. To Open Gate. Release locking mechanism by pressing locking button in while lifting handle. BUTTON MUST ALWAYS BE PRESSED IN WHEN LIFTING HANDLE. Lift walk-through section so hinge is raised and walk-through will swing open in either direction. Gate should always be in locked position. To Close Gate. Lift walk-through section and position safety foot onto bottom rail, making sure hinge has dro...

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