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Инструкция по эксплуатации Kidco, модель HEARTHGATE G70

Производитель: Kidco
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Failure to do so may result in damage to the gate or injury to your child. Your HearthGate™ is completely assembled and folded compactly and must be unfolded in sequence. Unpack your HearthGate™ onto WARNING ! • Intended for use with children from 6 months through 36 months. • Check the stability of the gate and tighten all hardware and mountings regularly. • To prevent serious injury or death, securely install gate or enclosure and use according to manufacturer’s instructions. • Never use with a child able to climb over or dislodge/open the gate or enclosure. • Do not use if any part of the gate is broken or missing. • Never use if gate is 3/4 child’s height. • This product will not necessarily prevent all accidents. leave child unattended. a stable surface. Familiarize yourself with the parts by comparing them to the parts check list below. It is recommended you place the gate a minimum of 20” from the source of heat/fire. WARNING At 20” away from the source of heat/fire, the gate could reach a temperature of 130°. Since every fireplace/wood burning stove, barbeque grill reaches different temperatures, test your unit at maximum heat output. If gate is hot to touch, move gate further from heat source than recommended 20”. • Use only spare parts available from KidCo. • Never allow child to climb or swing on gate. • Use only with locking/latching mechanism securely engaged. • Place gate a minimum of 20” from source of heat/fire. • Discontinue use if any part of gate is damaged. • Never climb over gate. • Never hang or tie toys etc. to any part of the gate. Standard HearthGate™ has five 24” sections including a 2 2 Wall Plates (C) walk through door 6 Screws for mounting directly into wood (D) 6 Screws for Wall Covers (E) 2 Wall Covers (A) 6 Nuts for Wall Covers (F) 2 Lock Fittings (B) 2 Plastic Hinge Covers (G) (use only on lower hinge when section is removed) 2 Plastic Hinge Caps (H) (shipped assembled under bottom hinge of end sections) 2 Removable Cones (I) (shipped assembled under top hinge of end sections) AssemblyUnpacking Unpacking 1. 1. 3.2. 2a. Lift Down Hinge 2. Unpack your folded HearthGate™ on a stable surface, making sure handle is on top. Each corner is connected by plastic, interlocking hinges. How to adjust the sections: A spring is fitted in all cones which deliberately creates tension when adjusting. At corner, lift up slightly on section with hinge teeth facing down (1) while gently pressing down on connected section (2). Rotate sections to desired position. (3). Release to lock into place. Note: Each hinge adjusts from 0° to 270° in 10° increments. 5. 6. 6a. 7.3. Removable cone Removable cap Cones Cones Removable cone Removable cap 4. Position HearthGate™ to desired shape, taking into account recommended 20” minimum distance described in ”Important Notes” on page 2. It may be necessary remove or add section/s to gate to application. If making no changes, see 13 to 23. If removing sections, see to 10. If adding sections, 7. 8. H I G Removing or adding sections: Note: Always begin separating gate from either end. At the juncture of every section is a removable, vertical bar. To remove vertical bar, lift up on bar (5), while sliding it out of lower hinge groove (6a.). Pull bar down and out of cone (6.). Lift off end section. If gate is now appropriate length, go to step 8. If additional section/s are required, go to steps 11 & 12. Depending on number of sections removed, you will end up with one of two configurations at the end of gate (diagram 8 or Remove hinge cap (H) from bottom of original end section. A screwdriver may be used to help pry it off. Place cap over top hinge what is now the end piece. Place spare hinge cover (G) over hinge. Go to step 10. Installation Installing the wall mountings: Fold wall cover (A) around vertical bar at end of gate. Insert lock fitting (B). Assembly Remove hinge cap (H) from bottom of original end section. A screwdriver may be needed to pry it off. Place under bottom hinge. Remove plastic cone from under top hinge of original end section. Install cone (I) under top hinge of new end section. Reinstall a removable, vertical bar. Insert bar by pressing it into upper hinge cone, while sliding bar into groove of lower hinge. Spring in cone will make bar lock in place. Proceed to ”Installation” steps 13 to 23. Adding optional section/s: Remove vertical bar from optional section (steps 5 & 6). Position optional section with cone hinge at top. Align cone hinge underneath top hinge on end section. When the center of both hin-ges are aligned, top and bottom, they will fall together. Insert removable bar (see step 10). If adding more than one section, repeat the process. Reattaching end sections: Align top cone corner of one section with the top hinge of the end section. When the cen-ter of both hinges are aligned, top and bott- om, they will fall together. Insert removable bar. Proceed to ”Installation” steps 13 Note: The HearthGate™ cannot be pletely folded when ...

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