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Инструкция по эксплуатации Summer Infant, модель 7114

Производитель: Summer Infant
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(18 kg.) INSTRUCTION MANUAL_ Booster to Toddler Seat Thank you for buying the Booster to Toddler Seat from Summer Infant. This innovative product can be used as a traditional booster which allows your child to sit at the table and eat with family members. Adjustable settings accommodate your growing child. As the child gets older, it can be used as a toddler seat for playtime. The folding design is convenient and perfect for traveling. AWARNING: IMPORTANT! KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE! • PREVENT serious injury or death from falls or sliding out. • NEVER leave child unattended. • ALWAYS secure child using restraint straps. The tray is not designed to hold the child in the chair. • ALWAYS secure BOTH back and chair straps. • NEVER allow child to push against table. • NEVER lift this product with your child in it. • Read all instructions before use of the product. • Keep instructions for future use. • Do not use this product if it is damaged or broken. • Use ONLY for a child that can sit up unassisted. • NEVER use this product as a car seat or bath seat, on a table or counter top, stool, swivel chair, or any other chair where the straps cannot secure it properly. • Never adjust the height while your child is in it. ACAUTION: KEEP SMALL PARTS OUT OF CHILD'S REACH. COMPONENTS: If you are missing any of these parts, please email customerservice@summerinfant.com. Booster Seat (folded view) Small Tray Large Tray SET-UP: Step 1: Pivot arms up. See Figure A. Step 2: Pivot back into position and snap down into the locks on both arm rests. See Figure B. Step 3: Secure rear strap around back of kitchen chair. See Figure C. Step 5: Place child in seat and secure with 3 point harness. See Figure E. Step 4: Secure side strap to bottom of chair. See Figure D. TO ADJUST HEIGHT: NOTE: Never adjust height with child in the Booster Seat. Step 1: Turn and push in the knob located under the seat. See Figure F. Raise or lower seat to desired height. Make sure the knob locks into place once the seat is at the desired height. TO USE WITH TRAY: For children who do not sit at the table, a large tray is included that attaches easily to the seat with one simple step. Step 1: Slide tray on from the front. Make sure it locks into place. See Figure G. To remove, pull up the two locking tabs underneath and slide off. TO USE AS A TODDLER CHAIR: To use as a toddler chair follow these easy steps after the initial set up. Step 1: Adjust height of the seat to the highest setting. See Figure H. Step 2: Remove the three strap system on the seat (optional). See Figure I. Step 3: Snap on the small tray and sides of the arm rests. See Figure I. small cup to the 3 TO FOLD: Step 1: Push the buttons located on both of the arms to release the back. See Figure I Step 2; Fold the back down towards the seat. See Figure 3. Step 5: Fold in arms onto seat back. See Figure K. Step 4: Turn knob underneath seat and release height to its lowest setting. See...

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