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Инструкция по эксплуатации Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten, модель 316SW

Производитель: Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten
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If liquid or foreign objects enter the unit, disconnect immediately since continued use may result in fire or electric shock. Do not place the unit on tuners, audio decks or other electric equipment. Do not use the unit as a step or seat. The unit may tip over and cause damage or injury. Consult a company customer service facility for interior inspection, adjustment or repair. -3 ENGLISH 7. Where not to base. Incomplete Do not use the unit production, and exposed to rain or snow, Contact with the prongs water or in humid conditions. cause electric shock. the unit in unstable locations, in to an outlet where the connection kitchens,near humidifiers, or even when the plug is inserted with likely exposure to smoke or its base. Do not use the unit if the not place the unit in direct sunlight, hot. Heat production can cause fire. heating equipment or close to open flames. If dust or metal accumulates on or near Fire, accident or malfunction may result. prongs of the plug, wipe the plug with a not place the unit in locations exposed to cloth after disconnection. Continued use cold air or direct draft. Condensation, may cause fire or electric shock. leakage current or thermal damage may 12. Danger signs result. Do not use the unit in dusty or dirty If you notice a strange noise, smoke, locations. Decreased heat ventilation can unusual odour or other abnormal condition, cause thermal damage shut off the unit, disconnect the power cord 8. Unit heat from the outlet and have the unit inspected. The bottom and sides of the unit can heat up Continued use may result in fire or electric during use and should not be touched. Burns may result. Only connect or 13. shock. Electric storms disconnect speaker cables after the power During electrical storms disconnect the unit supply has cooled down. and avoid contact with the antenna and 9. Moving the unit power cord. Lightning can cause fire, When moving the unit, shut off power to all connected equipment, and disconnect power 14. electric shock and malfunction. Internal temperature rise cords, connectoins cables, speaker cables To avoid internal temperature rise when and other wires. Moving the unit while cable installing the unit, leave space between the are connected can cause damage to cables, unit and walls or other equipments. When fire or electric shock. The unit is heavy and installed in a rack or similar fixture, leave a care should be taken when unpacking, 10cm (4") or larger gap on top and at sides moving or lifting. since internal temperature rise can result in Manufacturing also creates sharp areas on fire. The unit is provided with ventilation the unit; use thorough care in handling. holes to prevent internal temperature rise. 10. Power cord Blockage of these holes decreases Only use the power cord supplied and do not ventilation and can result in fire. Note the bend, twist, modify it for repair, or pin it under the unit. Heavy objects, heat or following:* Do not place the unit in a poorly ventilated tension may also damage the power cord and cause fire or electric shock. When area* Do not place the unit on carpeting or on disconnecting the power cord from an outlet, do not pull the cord. Pulling on the cord can damage it and cause fire or electric shock. Do not touch the power cord with wet hands. 15. bedding* Do not obstruct the ventilation holes* Do not tilt the unit or turn upside down Extended non-use Do not place the power cord near heating If the unit is likely to be unused for an equipment and do not use the unit. If the extended period, shut off power and plug fits loosely in an electric outlet or the plug or cord is hot. If the cord is damaged 16. disconnect from power supply. Volume Adjustment replace it as continued use may result in fire If abnormal noise is produced during play at or electric shock. high volume, reduce the volume level. 11. Unit plug Distorted sound can cause overheating of Insert the plug into an outlet all the may to its speakers and amplifier. Before switching -4 power supply minimum. Sudden, damage to hearing. 17. Connecting TV/other When connecting a TV or equipment, always shut off power, operating manual for each device the instructions for connection. Use designated cables. Use of non-designated cables or extension cables can cause heat production, burns, and fire. 18. Antenna An outdoor antenna should be located away from power lines. 19. Maintenance. Before undertaking maintenance disconnect from power supply. Have the interior of the unit cleaned approximately once a year by qualified personnel. Accumulated dust inside and long intervals without cleaning can cause fire or malfunction. Before cleaning this product make sure that the power is turned off and the power cord is disconnected from the wall outlet. Clean with a soft cloth. If the product is particularly dirty, moisten the cloth and wring out before use. Complete by wiping with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use liquid solvents such as alcohol or thinner to clean this p...

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