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Инструкция по эксплуатации Aussie, модель VANTAGE 6112S8X641

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Model 6112 ONLY Be sure to route the regulator hose UNDER the Fig. 3 Clyinder Retainer Wire as shown below. 26 26 6. If “growing” bubbles appear on any of the connection points, you have detected a gas leak. Immediately close the LP Gas Cylinder valve by turning handle clockwise a. If leak appears at either end of hose and regulator assembly, retighten the connection at the leak, but do not over-tighten. (NOTE: Only hand tighten at coupling nut in Fig. 1 shown on previous page) Repeat Leak Test. b. If the leak is coming from the Gas Cylinder, from the valves at the Control Knobs, or if the leak cannot be stopped, do not use the grill. Call Customer Service at 1-800-251-7558. Be sure to have the grill model number and serial number printed on the black label, located inside the left door of the cabinet. If you need a replacement part under warranty, a proof of purchase will be necessary. 7. Upon completion of leak test, turn all Control Knobs to the “Off” position. Turn the handle on the LP Gas Cylinder clockwise until it stops. Disconnect LP Gas Cylinder by turning coupling nut on regulator in a counterclockwise direction until regulator is released from threaded LP Gas Cylinder nozzle. 8. Place the protective cap over LP Gas Cylinder nozzle. Lighting the Grill Using the Pulse-Spark Ignitor ! WARNING To reduce the risk of death or serious injury from an explosion or a fire beneath the grill: • Inspect and clean Burner/Venturi Tubes for insects or insect nests. Spiders or small insects can build nests, webs, and lay eggs in the grill’s Venturi Tubes, (Fig 9, page 34) obstructing the flow of gas to the Burner. The backed-up gas can ignite behind the Control Panel and cause a fire beneath the grill, posing the risk of death or serious bodily injury. This is known as a “flashback.” • Be sure Burners are re-installed properly before using grill. Should you notice that your Burner(s) are getting hard to light or the flame is not as hot as it once was, refer to the “How to Clean your Burners” section on page 34, to remove any possible obstructions. ! WARNING To reduce the risk of serious bodily injury or death from fire or explosion: • Open Hood before lighting the grill to prevent an explosion from gas build-up. • During failed lighting attempts, or if the Burners go out during operation, turn Control Knobs “Off” to dissipate any accumulation of gas. Wait five minutes before repeating lighting procedure. • Light each burner from the left before lighting the next burning to prevent gas from accumulating. Yellow Tip Check The Flame The Burners have been preset by the manufacturer for optimal flame performance. A blue flame, possibly with a small yellow tip, is the result of the optimal air and gas mixture. Check the flame before each cooking session and throughout the grilling season. Check the flame especially after long periods of storing the grill. If the flame is significantly yellow in color, the appropriate amount of LP gas in the air/LP gas mixture is not correct. This could be due to a blocked Burner from grease drippings or from insects building a nest inside the Burner or Burner opening. See How to Clean the Burners. Primarily Blue Flame 27 27 Lighting the Grill Using the Piezo Ignitor (continued) 1. Open the Hood. 2. IMPORTANT: Make sure Control Knobs are turned “Off.” (Fig. 4) 3. Turn the LP Gas Cylinder valve open counterclockwise until it stops. (Fig. 5) Turn LP Gas Fig. 4 Control Knob in Off position Control Knob in High position (large flame symbol) Fig. 5 Cylinder valve counterclockwise Right Main Burner Piezo Igniter Button Left Main Burner Control Knob Side Burner Control Knob Control Knob Fig. 6 4. Push far left Main Burner Control Knob in on Control Panel and turn counterclockwise to the High position. (Figs. 4 and 6) 5. Push the Piezo Igniter Button several times so that it clicks each time. Look to make sure the Burner is lit. If no spark, see Troubleshooting Section on page 37. 6. From the “Off” position, light other Burner. Your grill has a Crossover Ignition System that allows the Burners to light successively off one another. 7. If the Burner fails to light, repeat Step 4. If it still does not light, try the right Burner. If a Burner goes out during operation, turn all Control Knobs to the “Off” position and close the LP Gas Cylinder valve to dissipate any accumulated gas. Open Hood and wait five minutes before attempting to relight the grill. If any or all Burners fail to light after three to four attempts following Steps 4-7, turn all Control Knobs to the “Off” position and close the LP Gas Cylinder valve to dissipate any accumulated gas. Wait five minutes; then repeat the lighting procedures. NOTE: If the Burners still fail to light, refer to the Troubleshooting Section on page 38. The Burner can also be lit manually, see Manual Lighting of the Grill on page 28. Manually Lighting the Grill ! WARNING To reduce the risk of serious bodily injury or death from fire or explosion: • Open Hoo...

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