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Инструкция по эксплуатации CFM Corporation, модель 7000

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FOR YOUR SAFETY If you smell gas: 1 Shut o gas to the appliance. 2 Extinguish any open ame. 3 Open lid. 4 If odor continues, immediately call your gas supplier or re department. FOR YOUR SAFETY 1 Do not store or use gasoline or other ammable vapors and liquids in the vi - cinity of this or any other appliance. 2 An unconnected liquid propane cylin - der should not be stored in the vicinity of this or any other appliance. AO000102-901 Page Number Chapter One - INSTALLATION Choosing a Safe Location Portable L.P. Gas Grills L.P. Gas Dealer Instructions 3 4 5 - 6 7 Chapter Two - ASSEMBLY Step 1 ( Identify Parts ) Step 2 ( Assemble Pillar to Base ) Step 3 ( Attach Grill Bottom ) Step 4 ( Assemble Grill Lid ) Step 5 (Side Tables ) Step 6 ( Rock Grate and Briquettes ) Step 7 ( Cooking Grids ) Installing an L.P. Gas Cylinder Connecting an L.P. Gas Cylinder Connecting to Natural Gas (Model 7000N only) 8 9 10 - 11 12 - 13 14 - 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 - 22 Table of Contents Formerly: ® Now: CFM Corporation 2695 Meadowvale Boulevard Mississauga, Ontario L5N 8A3 Canada (800) 668-5323 Service Note: If you areexperiencing difficulties or aredissatisfied with your purchase,pleasecontact CFM at the telephone number listedabove prior toreturning your grill tothe store. Series 7000 Models Installation Chapter 1 Important Information Necessary to Safely Use a Gas Grill. The L.P. Gas Fuel Supply System Correct Filling and Handling of the L.P. Gas Fuel Cylinder 3 Choosing a Safe Location for a Gas Barbecue Grill. The gas fuel used by this product is highly flammable and must be used in a responsible and cautious manner. It is your responsibility to assemble, operate, and maintain your gas barbecue grill properly. ! If these instructions are ignored, there is a possibility of a hazardous fire or explosion which could result in property damage, physical injury or death. 1. The gas barbecue grill may only be used for cooking out-of-doors. • Do not operate this barbecue in garages, breezeways, sheds or any enclosed area. • Operating this or any gas-fired appliance in an enclosed area can produce a build-up of carbon-monoxide, which could result in injury or death. 2. Installation must conform with local codes or, in the absence of local codes, with either the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1, NFPA 54 (USA), or CAN/CGA-B 149.2, Propane Installation Code (Canada) and CAN/CGA-B 149.1 Natural Gas Installation Code. To check local codes, contact your local gas dealer or gas company listed in the Yellow Pages for recommended installation procedures and regulations. 3. This appliance is not intended to be installed in or on a recreational vehicle and/or boat. 4. Keep the barbecue grill at least 24 inches (61 cm) away from any combustible construction. • Do not use a grill under a ceiling or cover where the heat or flame could cause damage. • Choose a level surface where the grill is not facing directly into the wind. • Avoid moving the grill during use. 5. The grill area must be clear and free from combustible materials, gasoline, and any other flammable liquids or vapors. • Do not use lighter fluid or charcoal briquettes in a gas grill. The flow of combustion and ventilation air is not to be obstructed. The ventilation openings of the cylinder enclosure must be kept free and clear from other debris. 6. Do Not store a spare L.P. gas cylinder under or near this appliance. 7. NOT FOR USE BY CHILDREN. Keep children and pets away from hot grill. • Place your barbecue grill in a location away from children and pets. • Do not leave grill unattended when in use. 8. The outside of the barbecue grill will become hot during use. • To avoid burns, do not touch any hot grill surface. If necessary, use a protective glove when operating control knobs, tank shut-off valve, or lid handle. • Do not place combustible material, such as cloth or plastic, on grill surface during use. • Do not lean on side tables or place more than 15 pounds of weight on a side table. 9. Make sure that the heat shield and drip pan are in place under the grill bottom. • Heat and hot drippings from cooking food could damage the fuel supply system. 4 Portable L. P. Gas Barbecue Grills WARNING: Do not use natural gas in an appliance designed for L.P. gas. Use only liquid propane (L.P.) gas in an appliance designed for L.P. gas. L.P. Gas Liquid Propane (abbreviated L.P.) gas is stored under high pressure inside a cylinder and vaporizes when released. It is important that there are no leaky connections on the grill’s fuel supply system. The L.P. FUEL SUPPLY SYSTEM An L.P. gas grill requires a fuel delivery system made up of an L.P gas supply cylinder, a fuel regulator with hose and a gas-control valve. L.P. Gas Cylinder Type 1 Fuel Regulator Dual Burner Fuel-Control Valve Cylinder Control Valve Fuel Supply Hose Valve Orifice The L.P. Fuel Supply System FUEL REGULATOR AND HOSE The fuel regulator supplied is equipped with a Type 1 coupling nut. Do not attempt to connect...

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