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Инструкция по эксплуатации Adams, модель Mark 10

Производитель: Adams
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Dramatically lower noise level than other oil burners. ■ Adjustable drawer assembly to simplify inventory. One cone and head assembly from .4 GPH through 2.5 GPH. |p—w ■ Removable chassis for | easy servicing. Leaves ym “ burner air tube in place. ■ One-piece electrode assembly for easy adjustment. ■ Eliminates pulsation. ■ Minimizes stand-by losses without special mechanical parts. ■ Mounts with blower up, down or at an angle with equal : 22 MS performance. ■ Cool head ceramic I) protected cone. Patented Turbo-Reversed-Air System or TRA, the major breakthrough that accounts for INTERburner’s fuel economy. ADAMS INTERburner INTERburner Turbo Reversed (TRA) Air Flow Pattern Patented Turbo-Reversed-Air System or TRA, the major breakthrough that accounts for INTERburner’s fuel economy. Inside each INTERburner, TRA stabilizes dynamic pressure while maintaining high static pressure. It creates the most uniform airflow at the combustion head and gives Conventional Oil Burner Air Flow Pattern lualJalr mixture el the combustion hand. precise control for the most effective mixing of combustion air with the oil on the combustion head ... accomplishing efficiency levels never before achieved. INTERburner’s flame burns hotter and cleaner... requiring less fuel to heat your home. DIMENSIONS j A" T i llNirRlxinxf] SPECIFICATIONS CAPACITIES 0.40 to 2.50G/P/H, 56,000 to 350,000 B.T.U./Hr. Input. Other models available to 7 G/P/H. FUEL No. 1 or No. 2 Heating Oil. POWER REQUIREMENTS 115 Volts, 60 Hertz, Single Phase. MOTOR 3450 R.P.M., 1/7 H.P. 115 V., NEMA “M” Flange. IGNITION TRANSFORMER 10,000 Volts. CONTROLS 24 Volt Primary Cad Cell Control. Intermittent or Interrupted Ignition. FUEL PUMP 3450 R.P.M., 100 PS.I., Single or 2 Stage with or without Integral Solenoid Valve. MOUNTING Universal Flange and Gasket. Burner Stand Kit — Burner can be mounted in inverted position. NOZZLE SIZE Selection Chart on each burner cover. Distributed by: Form IB-86 Accept only the best. Insist on INTERburner? INTERburner® Division • Adams Manufacturing Co., 9790 Midwest Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44125 (216) 587-6801 Printed in U.S.A....

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