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Инструкция по эксплуатации Adams, модель Speedflame Power Gas Burner

Производитель: Adams
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for Natural and L.P. gases EXTERNAL ORIFICE CHANGE Adams special orifice in the manifold union permits orifice change without disassembling the burner. REDUNDANT GAS VALVE Provides back-up valve for added safety ELECTRONIC PRIMARY CONTROL Meeis the most stnngent flame supervision specifications. Flame proving within four (4) seconds; supervises all Ignition functions including 8 of a second relight capability; senses flame by rectification, providing positive flame monitoring PRESSURE SWITCH Field- proven motor switch ensures blower operation Specifications - Model G2T 4” Blast Tube capacity soM to 8soMBtu/Hr Natural Gas Model Capacity M/BTU Max Min G2T-300 G2T-600 G2T-B50 300 600 850 50 50 200 Combination Gas Valve %" 2000DERHC W VR8304M 1” 7000ERHC Ignition_Motor HP Direct Spark 1/7* Direct Spark Direct Spark L.P. Gas Vt” 2000DERHCLP Direct Spark 3/4M VR8304MLP Direct Spark G2T-400LP 400 50 G2T-850LP 850 200 *Air Spoiler Installed Dimensions: Height 17” - Width 13” - Depth (Chassis only) 8" 1/7 1/7 ' 1/7* 1/7 If § i Manufacturing Company 9790 Midwest Avenue • Cleveland. Ohio 44125 Telephone (216) 587-6801 FAX (216) 587-6807 Form G2 E-Mail: adamsx@att.net...

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