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Инструкция по эксплуатации Meco, модель SIZZLER 3335

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4/99 — NOTICE — MECO STRIVES TO BE A QUALITY SUPPLIER OF CONSUMER PRODUCTS. IF WE HAVE INADVERTENTLY OMITTED ANY PARTS NEEDED FOR ASSEMBLY. OR YOU NEED TROUBLESHOOTING INFORMATION. PLEASE CONTACT US USING OUR TOLL FREE NUMBER. MECO WILL SHIP REPLACEMENT PARTS MONDAY THRU FRIDAY WITHIN 24 HOURS. SATURDAY & SUNDAY ORDERS WILL SHIP THE NEXT WORK DAY. THANK YOU FOR PURCHASING A MECO PRODUCT. 1-18001-346-3256 or write: CONSUMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT [24 HOURS/7 DAYS A WEEK] MECO CORPORATION 1-(423)-639-1171 [TELEPHONE] 1500 INDUSTRIAL ROAD 1-(423)-639*2570 (FAX) GREENEVILLE, TN. 37745 USA SAFETY WARNINGS WARNING: FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE SAFETY RULES MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR PROPERTY LOSS. READ AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING GRILL. 1. WARNING: Do not use charcoal for indoor cooking or heating. Toxic carbon monoxide fumes may accumulate and cause death. 2. WARNING: Do not use gasoline, kerosene or alcohol for igniting charcoal. 3. CAUTION: Keep small children away from grill to avoid burns. 4. CAUTION: Do not use “instant lighting” charcoal. 5. CAUTION: Do not use appliance for other than intended use. 6. CAUTION: Do not touch hot surfaces; grasp at wooden handles, or wear proper gloves. 7. CAUTION: Dump ashes only when they are completely out. Wash grid and bowl with warm soapy water. NEVER USE OVEN CLEANER ON PAINTED SURFACES. 8. NOTE: For extra protection, line the bottom of the bowl with aluminum foil. COOKING ON YOUR MECO GRILL Your Sizzler grill is designed with three grid positions to provide greater cooking convenience (See below). To cook fowl and pork roasts, place the grid level on top of the grid brackets. Turn and baste the meat frequently for thorough cooking and to prevent drying out. For thick meat such as this, cooking with the Hood down provides a more uniform heat. For hamburgers and steaks, sear the meat on both sides with the grid lowered to one of the tilted positions. Cook rare at highest and medium in the center. CAUTION: USE GLOVES WHEN HANDLING GRID. Place Hood on the grill for final cooking for a delicious smoky flavor. THERE ARE THREE GRID POSITIONS: 1. On top of the Grid Brackets 2. Tilted front-to-back 3. Tilted back-to front. t j The tilted positions allow you to cook steaks, chops or burgers F*ARE and WELL DONE at the same time! 2 All other cooking should be done with the grid in the highest position. For this purpose, your Sizzler is equipped with an efficient draft system. Two adjustable bottom Slide Vents and an adjustable rotary Top Vent allow you to speed up or slow down the burning rate for complete temperature control. Save charcoal to use again by closing the Hood and all the vents. The briquettes will be extinguished in a few minutes and you will only need a few briquettes next time you cook. FIRING UP YOUR MECO GRILL WARNING: Be sure to place your grill in a well ventilated area before starting your fire to prevent the accumulation of toxic carbon monoxide gases. Use high quality charcoal to make sure you get a good fire. Charcoal Briquettes made from maple, birch, oak or elm woods will burn clean with very little smoke and without disagreeable odors. Open the Hood and all vents. Remove the Cooking Grid. Line the bottom of the Bowl with heavy duty aluminum foil for added paint protection and easy cleanup. Place about three pounds of charcoal (48 briquettes) in the bottom of the grill. Make a pyramid shaped mound near the front center of the grill and apply charcoal lighter fluid according to the instructions on the can. CAUTION: Never use gasoline, kerosene or alcohol. You may want to use an electric starter to start your fire. These units are safe and convenient and can be purchased at most places that sell grills. Place the electric starter on a layer of briquettes...mound the remainder on top of the starter. Remove electric starter when charcoal is glowing. If you used a liquid lighter fluid, allow a few minutes for it to soak into the charcoal. Carefully light the fire and let it bum for 20-30 minutes or until the briquettes are covered with a gray ash. Tap the briquettes to remove the ash when cooking meats that take a lot of time. This helps to get a hotter fire. For a hot fire in a hurry, you can use a blower such as an electric fan, hair dryer or bellows to create an extra movement of air onto the charcoal. Never use a blower when you have meat on the grill or the rotissere. For grilling, use long-handled tongs to arrange the hot briquettes in a checkerboard pattern. Leave about one-half inch of space between each briquette. This will help you to avoid flame-up from the greases that drip down from the meat while it is cooking and will give you a uniform heat that is the correct temperature for grilling. For indirect cooking, such as roasting on the grid or on the rotisserie, you should place the hot coals around the meat instead of directly under it. Use a drip pan that is about one inch larger all around than the ...

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