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Инструкция по эксплуатации Crown Boiler, модель CHB68-112L

Производитель: Crown Boiler
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What to do if you find an oil leak: • DO NOT try to operate this appliance. • If possible, close the manual fuel shutoff valve on the oil supply tank. • Immediately call your oil supplier. Follow the oil supplier’s instructions. • If you cannot reach your oil supplier, call the fire department. A qualified installer, service agency, or the oil supplier must perform installation and service. These instructions should be: • read prior to installation. • retained for qualified service personnel • reviewed before performing any service or maintenance. Crown Boiler Company 3633 “I” Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19134 MO-432 ECN4514-MA Only qualified service personnel shall perform installation and service. c cccc CAUTION: • ONLY a qualified oil-heating contractor shall install and adjust this oil burner, using calibrated combustion test instruments, to ensure safe and reliable operation of the furnace. • ONLY two (2) oil burner models shall be used with the Crown furnaces, o R.W. Beckett model AF specification number EFL-102, or o Carlin Combustion model EZ1-HP specification number 10250. • This furnace has been tested and approved for use when burning No. 2 distillate fuel (home heating) oil ONLY. Introduction: These instructions list the steps required to field install a R.W. Beckett or a Carlin Combustion oil burner assembly in any of the Crown oil-fired furnace models previously noted. The factory ships all Crown furnace models without the oil burner installed. The burner package is separate from the furnace. As one of several tasks necessary to complete installation of the furnace, the burner must be removed from the shipping carton, mounted in the furnace, and connected to the furnace wiring harness. Consult the furnace instruction manual, Crown Oil-Fired Central Furnace Installation, Operation, and Service Manual with User’s Information Section, for further assembly and adjustment requirements. The size of nozzle installed in the oil burner determines the rate of heat output from (heating capacity of) the furnace. Four (4) heat input rates are permissible: 85,000; 105,000; 120,000; and 140, 000 BTUH. Base oil nozzle selection (i.e. heating capacity of the furnace) on a rate of heat loss (heating load) calculation performed for the building. Use the procedures developed in manuals provided by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) or the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE) to make these calculations. Refer to the Residential Load Calculation, Manual J, from the ACCA, and the ASHRAE Handbook Fundamentals volume, from ASHRAE, for recommended practices in heating load calculation for a residence. To obtain copies of these publications for a fee, contact the ACCA and the ASHRAE at the addresses given in Appendix A of the furnace instruction manual. Installation: The oil burner ships in a carton separate from the furnace. In the field, it is necessary to mount the oil burner, secure...

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