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Инструкция по эксплуатации Ativa, модель PET720

Производитель: Ativa
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FEATURES Large, 8-Digit Display - big, easy - to - read LCD numbers. Four Function Memory - includes addition,subtraction,recall, and clear. Dual Solar/Battery Power - built-in solar panel extends battery life by powering the calculator In the light. Automatic Power Off - saves battery power by turning off the calculator If it is left unused for about 5 min. Currency Conversion Function - result of conversion is always rounded up to two decimal points. Metric Conversion Function - can execute 20 pairs metric conversion calculations MEMORY FUNCTIONS [M+] Press to add the displayed number to the memory. M Is displayed. [M-] Press to subtract the currently displayed number from memory. [MRC] Press once to display the number stored in memory. Press twice to reset the memory to 0. Performing Basic Calculations Example Key Operation Display 6+7=13 [6][+][7][=] 13. 10-4=6 [1 ][0][-][4][=] 6. 7x5= [7][x][5][=] 35. 14+2=7 [1][4]H[2][=] 7. Calculate 6% of 100 [1][0][0][x]6[%] 6. Calculator a 20% discount from$150. [1][5][0][-][2][0][%] 120. 150 MU 80% =750 [1 ][5][0][MU][8][0][%] 750. 2+3+4x5=25 [ON/CE] [2][+][3][=] 5. [4][x][5][=] 20. [GT] 25. 30x40 [3][0][x][4][0][M+] 1200. +) 50x60 [5][0][x[6][0][M+] 3000. +) 25x30 [2][5][x][3][0][M+] 750. -) 235x35 [2][3][5][x][3][5][M-] 8225. =) -3275 [MRC] -3275. Currency Conversion Calculations Setting the exchange rate Example: setting the exchange rate at 2.20371. Hold press the “EXCH RATE” key until it display 0. Input the exchange rate 2.20371. Press the “EXCH RATE” key again to confirm. Example Key Operation Display 100 HOME =$? [1][00][HC)ME][$] 45.38 100$ =HOME? [1 ][00][$] [HOM E] 220.37 Metric Conversion Factors Conversion To Metric > From Metric][in«-»cm] 12.7 25 cm =?inches [2][5][<][in«.cm] 9.8425196 45 ft2=?m2 [4][5][>][ft2«m2] 4.1805 36 m2=?ft2 [3][6][<][ft*«Tn4 387.51345 98 ft^îm3 62 7ft3 [9][8][>][ft3—m3] [e][2][<][ftWnf| 2.775066 2189.4974 84lb =?kg 93kg =?lb [8][4][>][lb—kg] [9][3][<][lb«kg] 38.1024 205.02645 79oz =?g 97g =?oz [7][9][0][oz—g] [9][7][<][oz«.g] 2239.65 3.4215167 Ч- fei5 со о [6][8][>]fF«°C] [0][<]fF«°C] 20. 32. BATTERIES • After removing the battery from the calculator, put it in a safe place where it will not get Into the hands of small children and accidentally swallowed. • Never charge batteries, try to take batteries apart. Do not disposal of batteries in fire, batteries may explode or leak. • Remove the battery if you do not plan to use the calculator for a long time. • Battery Contains Mercury. Do Not Put in Trash. Recycle or Manages as Hazardous Waste. REPLACING THE BATTERY 1. Remove the rear cover and battery. 2. Insert the new battery into the battery compartment with the + side up. 3. Replace the rear cover CARE AND MAINTENANCE • Keep the calculator dry. If it gets wet, dry it before use. • Do not use harsh solvents detergents to clean the unit. • Do not drop or strike the calculator. • Store the calculator in moderate temperatures....

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