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Инструкция по эксплуатации Tradewins Furniture, модель RNC95

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have unique ventilation requirements which should be addressed with an isolated ventilation system. Also, the air handler return duct may be used to exhaust from. In this method, the exhaust air is not ducted back to the HRV with "dedicated lines" from bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Instead, the exhaust air is drawn out of the cold air return of the air handler. The air handler blower must be running when the unit is operating for this system to be effective. CAUTION Balancing Dampers and Grilles Balancing dampers and/or adjustable grilles should be used to balance the flow rates into and out of various rooms. Grilles or diffusers should be positioned high on the wall or in the ceiling. Kitchen exhaust grilles must never be connected to a range hood. They should be installed at least 4 feet (1.2m) horizontally away from the stove. A hinged 6”X10” (150 X 250mm) rectangular kitchen exhaust grille is available as part number. This grille includes a removable grease filter. Canadian building codes require that kitchen grilles be equipped with washable filters. Field-supplied balancing dampers should be installed external to the unit to balance the amount of stale air being exhausted with the amount of fresh air being brought into the house. Refer to Air flow Balancing section. Kitchen Grille REMOVABLE FILTER The Round Diffuser is available in 4" (100mm) 6" (150mm) 8" (200mm) Round Diffusers Drain Connection (HRV Only) During a defrost cycle, the HRV may produce some condensation. This water should flow into a nearby drain, or be taken away by a condensate pump. CAUTION The HRV and all condensate lines must be installed in a space where the temperature is maintained above the freezing point or freeze protection must be provided. The HRV cabinet has prepunched holes for the drain (see below). Insert the drain spout through the hole in the drain pan. Do not forget the “O ring” which seals each spout to the pan. REMEMBER TO HAND TIGHTEN ONLY the washer and lock nut which hold the drain spout in place. Construct a P-Trap using the plastic tee connector. Cut two lengths of hose and connect each piece to an end of the “T” fitting, then connect the other ends to the two drain spouts. Position the "T" fitting to point upward, andconnect the drain line. Tape or fasten base to avoid any kinks. This creates a “trap” which will hold some condensate and prevent odors from being drawn up the hose and into the fresh air supply of the HRV. "P" Trap (HRV only) DRAIN HOSE PLUMBING DRAIN SPOUT ZIP TIE TO DRAIN TEE CONNECTOR DRAIN SPOUT PRE-PUNCHED HOLES (2) DRAIN PAN DRAIN PAN 1/2 " I.D. DRAIN HOSE HARD PIPE PLUMBING PRE-PUNCHED HOLES (2) DRAIN PAN DRAIN PAN DRAIN 1/2" HARD PIPE TEE JOINT DRAIN SPOUT SPOUT TO DRAIN Note: Secondary drain pan may be required to protect from condensate leakage. 9 Application Illustrations HRV Partially Dedicated System for HRV . Stale air drawn from key areas of home (bathroom, kitchen, laundry) . Fresh air supplied to return air duct of air handler WARNING HRV must be balanced. DIRECT CONNECTION of the SUPPLY AIR STREAM to the AIR HANDLER COLD AIR RETURN (Stale air drawn from key areas of home) Air Handler Outdoors *Unit is normally balanced on HIGH speed with air handler blower ON. High efficiency filter or electronic air cleaner Field-supplied Balancing Damper (optional) Cool Air Return NOTES: 1. Air handler blower may be required to operate when HRV is on to provide good air distribution. 2. Weather hood arrangement is for drawing purposes only. 6' (2m) minimum separation required. 18" (460mm) above grade minimum or above anticipated snow level . 3. Due to the differences in pressure between the HRV and the equipment it is being connected to, the HRV air flow must be confirmed on site, using the balancing procedure found in the installation manual. Return Air 3’ min. recommended WARNING Stale Air To Outside Fresh Air From Outside STALE AIR from various parts of home. i.e. bathrooms (if required), kitchens (if required). Defrost air port needs to be drawn from clean area without combustion appliances. To avoid backdrafting of combustion products, never draw defrost air from a room with a naturally aspirated appliance, i.e. furnace, hot water heater, gas dryer, stove, fire place etc. CAUTION 10 Weather hood arrangement - requires a minimum of 6’ (2m) separation and a minimum of 18" (460mm) clearance above grade or anticipated snow level. Simplified Installation for HRV (Return/Return Method) . It is mandatory that the air handler blower WARNING run continuously or HRV operation be interlocked with the air handler blower. HRV must be balanced. . Check local codes/authority having jurisdiction for acceptance. DIRECT CONNECTION of both the HRV SUPPLY AIR STREAM and EXHAUST AIR STREAM to the AIR HANDLER COLD AIR RETURN WARNING NOTES: 1. Air handler blower must operate when ventilation from HRV is required. The air handler should be set to run continuously or interlocked with HRV. 2. A minimum separation of ...

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