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Инструкция по эксплуатации Brinkmann, модель 815-3782-0

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If spill-over/boil-over occurs, check to make sure flame was not extinguished by liquid. Gas could accumulate causing a highly flammable, very dangerous situation. Allow gas to dissipate prior to relighting cooker. 10. Do not walk between cooker and propane tank as this creates a trip hazard. Tripping over the hose could overturn the cooker or knock pan of hot liquid from cooker causing severe burns. 11. In case of grease fire, do not use water to extinguish flame. Turn gas OFF at propane tank and use fire extinguisher approved for use with gas appliances or other appropriate means to extinguish flame. 12. Do not use this cooker on recreational vehicle or boat. 13. Do not use this cooker for other than its intended purpose. 14. Only use replacement/accessory parts manufactured by The Brinkmann Corporation. Repairs should be performed by The Brinkmann Corporation. 15. Properly dispose of all packaging materials. USE CAUTION AND COMMON SENSE WHEN OPERATING YOUR COOKER. FAILURE TO ADHERE TO THE SAFETY WARNINGS AND GUIDELINES IN THIS MANUAL COULD RESULT IN BODILY INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. SAVE THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. 3 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS READ ALL SAFETY WARNINGS & ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE ASSEMBLING OR OPERATING YOUR COOKER. Inspect contents of the box to ensure all parts are included and undamaged. FOR MISSING PARTS, PLEASE CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE AT 1-800-527-0717. (Proof of purchase will be required.) Tools required to assemble your cooker: 2 Adjustable wrenches OR Adjustable wrench and the following wrenches: • d" Open end wrench • w" Open end wrench • f" Open end wrench PARTS LIST: 1 Owner’s Manual 1 Cooker Stand 1 Burner Assembly 1 Hose & Regulator with Safety Tag PROCEED TO “GAS LEAK TESTING” SECTION ON PAGE 4. Step 1 Remove nut from bottom of burner assembly. Step 2 Position the stand upside down as shown. Step 3 Place burner assembly inside stand with threaded bolt protruding through support strap as shown. Step 4 Thread nut onto bolt and securely tighten. Do not overtighten. Step 5 Set cooker with burner assembly upright on flat surface. Make sure burner assembly is securely attached to cooker. Step 6 Attach female SAE fitting on hose assembly (using w" wrench) to the male SAE fitting on the burner (using d" wrench). Hold the male SAE fitting securely with one wrench and turn the female fitting with the other wrench until they are tightly joined. All Purpose Gas Cooker Turkey Fryer Gas Cooker Rotating Air Shutter Air Hole IMPORTANTSAFEGUARD •DONOTREMOVETHISTAG• TURNGASONANDOFF USINGVALVEONL.P.GAS TANK.USETHISRED CONTROLVALVEFOR FLAMEADJUSTMENTONLY. POL Fitting Female SAE Fitting NOTE: Make sure the male SAE fitting on the cooker is screwed into the air shutter and tightened securely. Do not over-tighten as the air shutter needs to move freely in order to adjust air intake. Check the attachment for proper connection every time propane tank is connected to cooker. GAS LEAK TESTING THE GAS LEAK TESTING PROCEDURE MUST BE PERFORMED EVERY TIME THE TANK IS CONNECTED TO COOKER. WARNING • Gas leak testing must be performed outdoors in a well ventilated area. • During the gas leak testing procedure, always keep unit away from open flames, sparks or lit cigarettes. • Never use a flame to check for gas leaks. • If the burner does not light within 5 seconds, turn the propane tank valve and regulator control valve off immediately. Always wait at least 5 minutes for gas fumes to dissipate before repeating procedure. • Always use the propane tank valve to turn the unit ON and OFF. The regulator control valve is used to adjust the flame ONLY. • Never use a unit that has a gas leak. Contact The Brinkmann Corporation’s Customer Service Department for replacement parts at 1-800-527-0717. 1. Make sure the propane tank valve and regulator control valve are turned OFF. 2. Make sure male SAE fitting is properly attached to air shutter (refer to Assembly Instructions). Attach POL fitting to tank (using f" wrench) and tighten by turning COUNTER-CLOCKWISE....

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