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Инструкция по эксплуатации Reliable, модель WST5000ZE

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NOTE: When turned on for the first time, your new Iron may emit an odor for up to 10 minutes. This is due to the initial heating of the materials used in making the Iron. The odor is safe and should not reoccur after initial heating. 7. Turn Steam Dial to adjust steam rate. When using the maximum steam rate, the iron uses more water and it may be necessary to fill the Reservoir more often. 8. Place Iron on its Heel Rest and place on a stable, protected surface. Allow Iron to heat to selected temperature setting. When Red Indicator Light turns off, the Iron is ready for use. 9. When finished ironing, turn Temperature Dial to “MIN” and Steam Dial to “OFF”. Unplug Iron from wall outlet. Allow Iron to cool completely before cleaning the exterior of the Iron or storing. CAUTION: Avoid coming in contact with escaping steam. CAUTION: If the Iron has not been used for a long period of time and is hot, DO NOT fill it with water. Allow to cool, then refill and resume ironing. 8 IRONING GUIDE IRONING GUIDE Always read garment labels and follow the manufacturer’s ironing instructions. Refer to the “Ironing Chart” on the next page for temperature recommendations: ACRYLIC/SILK Use low settings for acrylic, silk and synthetics. RAYON/WOOL Use moderate settings for rayon, wool, and fabrics with more than 20% rayon or wool. COTTON/LINEN Use high settings for cotton, linen, and blends. IRONING HINTS Warning! To prevent fire, do not leave Iron unattended while plugged in. 1. Sort articles to be ironed according to the type of fabric. This will reduce the need to adjust the temperature for different types of garments. 2. If you are not sure of the fiber content of a garment, test a small area such as a seam or inside hem section before ironing a visible area. Start with a low temperature setting and gradually increase to find the best setting. 3. When reducing the temperature for iron sensitive fabrics, allow approximately 2 minutes for the iron to cool to the new temperature setting. 4. Fabrics such as velour, wool, linen and silk are best ironed with an ironing cloth to prevent shine marks. 9 IRONING GUIDE (Cont.) IRONING GUIDE (Cont.) 10 USER MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS USER MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS able parts. Do not try to fix it yourself. Refer it to a qualified repair technician if servicing is needed. CAUTION: Always allow Iron to cool completely before cleaning. CARE AND CLEANING: 1. Turn Steam Dial to “OFF”. 2. Turn Temperature Dial to “MIN”. 3. Unplug Iron from electrical outlet. 4. With Soleplate facing away from you, lift Water Fill Port Cover and carefully turn Iron upside down over a sink. Let remaining water empty out. Shake Iron gently to remove all water from Reservoir. Close Water Fill Port Cover. CAUTION: Water in Reservoir may still be hot. Avoid contact with skin. 5. Wipe the Soleplate with a damp, soft cloth after each use. CAUTION: Never use scouring pads, abrasives or chemical cleaners or solvents to clean your coated Soleplate or exterior of the Iron, as these will scratch and/or damage the surface. 6. Set Iron on its Heel Rest and allow any remaining moisture to evaporate. 7. Wrap cord around the heel rest. Store the Iron on the Heel Rest, not on the Soleplate. If the Iron is stored soleplate down, even the smallest amount of moisture will cause corrosion and staining of the Soleplate. 11 USER MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS (Cont.) USER MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS (Cont.) CLEANING SOLEPLATE HOLES 1. Be sure Iron is unplugged, Steam Dial is “OFF”, and Temperature Dial is set to “MIN”. 2. Lift Water Fill Port Cover and fill Reservoir (see “Steam Ironing”). 3. Plug Iron into electrical outlet. 4. Turn Temperature Dial to “LINEN”. 5. As soon as Red Indicator Light turns off, unplug Iron and hold over a sink. 6. With Soleplate facing away from you, turn Steam Dial to steam-cleaning position. See Figure 1. The Iron will force steam out of the holes and clean the holes of calcium and other mineral deposits. 7. Set the Steam Dial back to “OFF” position. 8. Repeat steps 1-7 until no steam comes out of the soleplate holes. Figure 1 12 USER MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS (Cont.) USER MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS (Cont.) To protect the soleplate from scratching, avoid ironing over snaps, zippers, metal buttons, etc. Also, do not place the iron on metal or rough surfaces. Slight scratches in non-stick soleplates do not affect performance of the iron. If starch or other residues cling to the soleplate, use a commercial type hot iron cleaner (found in local grocery or discount or hardware stores) according to products directions. The Iron should be fully cooled before Soleplate cleaning begins. Make sure the Iron is unplugged before cleaning. Empty the Water Tank of any remaining water. Apply a small amount of mild cleaner to a damp cloth. Gently rub Soleplate, then wipe with a moist cloth. NEVER USE scouring pads or abrasives cleaners on the Soleplate, as this may scratch the surface. Wipe all other surfaces with a slightly damp cloth....

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