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Инструкция по эксплуатации Cornelius, модель WCC1400

Производитель: Cornelius
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Follow all lock out/tag out procedures established by the user. Verify all power is off to the unit before performing any work. Failure to comply could result in serious injury, death or damage to the equipment. 1. Open kit and remove new parts. 2. Insert the new metal thermostat well into the small, non flared end of the tube and seal it with V to V2 inch of food grade silicone. Let set for 15-30 minutes. 3. Turn the machine off. 4. Remove panels, as needed. 5. Gently pull gray sensing bulb from current thermostat well and remove thermostat well. 6. Loosen the clamp under dispense tray assembly with V nut driver. 7. Rotate dispense tray assembly 90 degrees. 8. Separate drop tube from dispense tray assembly. 9. Remove black foam insulation from old drop tube assembly and place it on the new drop tube. 10. Insert new drop tube assembly into the ice machine and dispense assembly and rotate it 90 degrees to the original position. 11. Tighten the dispense tray clamp. 12. Place the new thermostat well into dispense tray assembly and gently insert sensing bulb down into thermostat well until it touches the bottom of tube, where silicone was applied. 13. Apply a small amount of silicone in the flare opening of thermostat tube. 14. Attach all panels, turn the unit on, and follow standard start up procedures. Revision Date: April 16, 2012 © 2007-2012, IMI Cornelius Inc. -1 - Revision: C Publication Number: 630460330INS...

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