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Инструкция по эксплуатации Chief Manufacturing, модель ICMPFM1B

Производитель: Chief Manufacturing
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Reinforce the structure as required before installing the component. 1. Level wall plate (C) and mark locations of pilot holes. 2. Drill 7/32" (5.5mm) diameter pilot holes into wood studs. 3. Using 1/2" (12.7mm) wrench, install screws (Y) through flat washers (Z), wall plate (C), into wood studs. 4. Open both display latches. 3 1 1 X4 2 X4 (Y, Z) X4 4 X2 1/2" (12.7mm) 7/32" (5.5mm) C C iCMPFM1S/iCMPFM1B Installation Instructions 12 INSTALL BRACKETS TO DISPLAY 1. Lay display face down on protective surface. CAUTION: Using screws of improper diameter may damage your display! Proper screws will easily thread into display mounting holes. 2. Select screw diameter by examining hardware bags "A" through "D" (8mm, 6mm, 5mm, or 4mm) and comparing with mounting holes on display. 3. Select washers: • 6mm and 8mm diameter screws: Use flat washer (U) and shoulder washer (T). • 4mm and 5mm diameter screws: Use flat washer (S) and shoulder washer (R). 4. Select spacers: • If mounting holes are not recessed, and both brackets (A and B) can lay flat against display, then no spacers are required. • If mounting holes are recessed, or if protrusions prevent brackets (A and B) from laying flat, then spacers (V or W) must be used. Select shortest spacer which will provide adequate fill. All spacers must be same length. CAUTION: Using screws of improper length may damage your display! Proper screws will have adequate thread engagement without contacting bottom of display mounting holes. 5. Select screw length: • Using your hand, insert SHORTEST length screw of selected diameter (E, H, K, or N) through bracket (A or B), selected flat washer (S or U), selected shoulder washer (R or T), selected spacer (V or W, if required), into display mounting hole. Do NOT thread screw into hole at this time. • Proper screw length requires base of screw head to protrude above flat washer a distance equal to or greater than the screw diameter. If screw length is inadequate, select longer screw. Select shortest screw which will protrude the required distance. 6. Place brackets (A and B) on display, ensuring: • Upper hooks are towards top of display, and • Hook plates are towards outside of display for mounting hole width up to 16-3/4" (425mm), or towards inside of display for mounting hole width from 16-3/4" (425mm) to 19-3/4" (501mm). 7. Using Phillips screwdriver, carefully install selected screws through flat washers, shoulder washers, brackets, and spacers (if required), into display. Do not tighten screws at this time. 8. Vertically center brackets (A and B) on display. 9. Tighten all screws. Ensure all applicable display mounting holes (4, 6, or 8) are used. 2 8 9 X4, X6, 2 5 3 3 1 1 7 X4, X6, X8 7 X4, X6, X8 4 V, W X8 (S, U) (R, T) 2 5 3 3 (S, U) (R, T) 6 (A, B) X2 6 Installation Instructions iCMPFM1S/iCMPFM1B 13 INSTALL DISPLAY TO WALL PLATE WARNING: Exceeding the weight capacity can result in serious personal injury or damage to equipment! It is the installer’s responsibility to make sure the combined weight of all components attached to the iCMPFM1 does not exceed 100 lbs (45 kg). WARNING: Display may be very heavy! Ensure display can be safely lifted and maneuvered as required to install on wall plate. Failure to take adequate precautions can result in serious personal injury or damage to equipment! 1. Hang display with brackets (A and B) on upper rail of wall plate (C). Center display on rail. 2. Close both left and right display latches. 3. Using Phillips screwdriver, install screws (D) into left and right side display latches. 4. OPTIONAL: Install padlock (not included) in the left and/or right side display latches (upper or lower holes). 1 3 2 X2 3 (D) X2 (A, B) X2 4 C iCMPFM1S/iCMPFM1B Installation Instructions 14 INSTALACION DE LA PLACA DE MONTAJE EN PARED AVISO: Si no se proporciona la resistencia estructural adecuada para este componente, podrian provocarse graves danos personales o materiales. El instalador es el responsable de asegurarse de que la estructura a la que este componente esta sujeta puede soportar cinco veces el peso combinado de todo el equipo. Refuerce la estructura segun sea necesario antes de instalar el componente. 1. Nivele la placa para montaje en pared (C) y marque la ubicacion de los orificios piloto. 2. Perfore orificios piloto de 5,5 mm (7/32") de diametro en los list...

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