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Инструкция по эксплуатации Master Appliance, модель PH-2100

Производитель: Master Appliance
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10. At the end of each work session put the paint chips and debris in a double plastic bag, close it with tape or twist ties and dispose of properly. 11. Remove protective clothing and work shoes in the work area to avoid carrying dust into the rest of 3 Important Safety Instructions (cont’d) the dwelling. Wash work clothes separately. Wipe shoes off with a wet rag that is then washed with the work clothes. Wash hair and body thoroughly with soap and water. 12. WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose heat guns to rain or moisture. Store indoors. Connect to grounded outlet only. 13. Do not use plug adapters or remove the ground prong from the plug. This tool is equipped with a 3prong plug and a 3-wire grounding system. Connect to properly grounded outlets only. 14. Use heat gun only on adequately rated circuits to avoid overheating of electrical systems. 15. Proheat® Heat Guns can produce up to 1050°F of flameless heat out of the nozzle. Do not direct this hot air stream at your clothing, hands or body parts. Do not use as a hair dryer. 16. Do not touch nozzle opening or nozzle shield until cool. When in “Hot” mode, extreme heat is generated at those areas. Always hold tool by the handle or use permanently attached stand. 17. Run on cool before turning off. The nozzle and shield require approximately 3 minutes to become cool to the touch. Stand the unit on its end with the nozzle pointing upward after turning off. 18. Do not touch work surface with nozzle. Scrape paint with nozzle face at least 1” away. 19. Keep a clean work area. Messy or cluttered work areas invite accidents or injury. 20. Keep away from children. All visitors should be kept at a safe distance from the work area. Do not let visitors touch the tool or extension cord. 21. Use tool in a well-ventilated area. Do not use near flammable liquids or in an explosive environment (where fumes, gases or dust are present). 22. Remove all highly flammable materials and other debris from the work area. 23. Wear safety glasses at all times. 24. When using an extension cord, use only a 3-wire grounded cord with a minimum of 14-gauge capacity. We recommend they be listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in the U.S.A. or (CSA) Canadian Standards Association in Canada and be suitable for outdoor use. Cords marked for outdoor use are also suitable for indoor use. 25. Don’t abuse cordset. Never pull by cord to remove from electrical outlet or carry tool by cord. 26. When not hand-held, place tool on a level surface. Position cordset so it does not cause tipping. 27. Keep a fully-charged fire extinguisher close at hand. 28. Do not leave heat gun unattended while it is running or cooling down. 29. Stay alert. Do not operate tool when you are tired. Use common sense and watch what you are doing. 30. Store properly. Do not store while hot. Store in a dry, high or locked-up location. Keep out of the reach of children. 31. Always unplug tool before performing any maintenance. When servicing, use only Master Appliance brand replacement parts. We recommend that all maintenance be performed by a qualified repair technician who is experienced in the repair of electric tools, a qualified service organization, or our repair staff. For factory repair service, send product to: Master Appliance Corp. Attn: Repair Department 2420 - 18th Street Racine, Wl 53403 Save These Instructions. 4 Operating Instructions The proper amount of heat for each application is dependent upon the distance of the nozzle from the work surface and the length of time that heat is applied to the work surface. Before performing any application, we recommend that you experiment with a piece of scrap material. Use care in approaching the work until you find the proper combination of heat adjustment control, distance from the work surface, and the heat application time. Use a gentle back and forth motion when applying heat unless it is found that a concentrated heat is desired. To Operate Heat Gun CAUTION: Do not place unit on its side while using 1) Plug heat gun into properly spreader or heat shrink rated outlet. attachments. 2) Move rocker switch to “Hot” position. Heat gun will come up to operating temperature in approximately two minutes. 3) Move switch to “Off” position. Typical Applications Shrink Packaging Strip Paint Install Vinyl Use low or high heat Use low or high heat Use low or high heat Shrink Tubing Use low or high heat Bend PVC Tubing Use high heat Dry Film Use low heat 5 Paint Stripping Safety Instructions 1) WARNING: With a heat gun, as with all other heat tools, keep a fire extinguisher handy and observe all sensible fire precautions. We do not recommend using this heat gun on hollow surfaces such as outdoor siding, walls, soffits, panels and partitions, etc. These areas often contain flammable materials such as dust, wood chips, insulation, rodent nests and other debris which could accidentally ignite. Your heat gun is best used for stripping paint from s...

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