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Инструкция по эксплуатации Simplicity, модель SMLBC55151BV

Производитель: Simplicity
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Fasten with two 5/16-18 hex nuts and split lock washers. Note: Deflector should be angled downward. HANDLE ASSEMBLY • The upper handles are shipped in the folded storage position. To unfold, loosen two handle knobs and rotate up to the operating position. The upper handles are secured with four knobs. Insert two 5/16-18 x 2 curved head bolts through the handles directly below the two shipping knobs. Place one internal tooth lock washer on each of the bolts. Thread knobs onto curved head bolts. Tighten all four knobs securely. Assembly complete. Your unit is now ready to be started and checked for proper operation. Some minor final adjustments may be required; see the Maintenance portion of this manual. 4 unit operation STARTING THE ENGINE IMPORTANT NOTE: The procedures outlined within this section are general guidelines, and are in no way meant to replace or supercede engine manufacturer’s operating instructions. In order to obtain optimum performance from your engine, refer to your engine manual. WARNING! IMPELLER IS MOUNTED DIRECTLY TO ENGINE SHAFT – STARTING ENGINE WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE HIGH-VELOCITY DISCHARGE. TO AVOID INJURY OR DAMAGE, BE SURE DISCHARGE IS POINTED AWAY FROM PEOPLE, PETS AND PROPERTY WHEN STARTING. BEFORE STARTING ENGINE: • Be sure that the unit is completely assembled, all fasteners are tightened securely, and all safety guards and components are in place. • Be sure to check engine’s oil and fuel levels* and add as needed. (See engine manual for recommended oil and gasoline specifications.) Never check the engine while it is running or while you are smoking. Check only when engine is cold. All machines are shipped without oil or fuel unless otherwise noted. • Be sure that fuel valve is set to open position. TO START ENGINE: CLOSED OPEN • Move choke control located on engine to the closed “ON” position. CHOKED • Move engine speed control, located on the handle, to the fast “Rabbit” position. ENGINE SPEED CONTROL 4 unit operation (cont.) STARTING THE ENGINE (cont.) • Bracing unit with one hand on the upper handle and a foot on the right rear tire, firmly grasp recoil handle and pull briskly. You may have to pull several times before engine starts. (If engine fails to start within a reasonable amount of time, discontinue and check engine manual for further instructions.) Note: Do not allow recoil rope to snap back into recoil; damage to the rope or recoil could result. • After engine starts, move engine speed control to approximately half and return choke control to open “OFF” position. PULL BRISKLY RECOIL HANDLE TO SHUT ENGINE DOWN: • Move engine speed control to slow “Turtle” position. • Allow engine to idle for 2-3 minutes before shutting down. • Move engine speed control to “STOP” position. Turn fuel valve to closed position. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you experience problems with your engine that cannot be satisfactorily resolved by following the instructions contained within the engine manual, contact your local engine dealer, or call the toll-free service number listed in the repair section of the engine manual. All engine service, warranty or otherwise, is required to be performed by a manufacturer-authorized service center. The equipment manufacturer is neither authorized nor responsible for any type of warranty engine service, nor is it equipped to perform any such service. BLOWER OPERATION DANGER! DO NOT PASS BY OR STAND ON THE AIR DISCHARGE SIDE OF ANY LEAF BLOWER WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING. HIGH VELOCITY DISCHARGE CAN EASILY TURN HARMLESS DEBRIS INTO FLYING PROJECTILES. DANGER! NEVER INSERT ANY BODY PART OR FOREIGN OBJECT INTO ANY OPENING WHILE UNIT IS RUNNING. SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH CAN RESULT. 4 unit operation (cont.) GENERAL RULES TO OBSERVE BEFORE AND DURING OPERATION: • Inspect your unit before each and every use. Check for worn, bent or broken components, loose fasteners, low or flat tires, etc., and repair or replace prior to operation. DO NOT OPERATE A MACHINE THAT IS WORN OR DAMAGED – SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH CAN RESULT. • Clear the entire work area of all debris that could cause damage to or become entangled in the unit. Rocks and large branches can wedge themselves between the impeller and housing, causing equipment damage or personal injury. If in doubt, remove it. • Do not start unit until you are ready to begin blowing, and promptly shut off unit as soon as operation is complete. • Keep hands, feet and clothing away from rotating parts. Never place your feet or hands in path of discharge. • Use proper discretion in selecting your debris removal pattern, especially on uneven terrain. Avoid steep hills, especially if surface is wet. Do not travel straight down slopes exceeding 14 degrees. If tires begin to slip when climbing a slope, the grade is too steep for safe operation. Angle the unit to a less steep slope until tires stop slipping and traction is regained. • Be keenly aware of your surroundings while operating unit – children and pets can pop out of nowhere. • Lear...

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