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Questions? See us on the World Wide Web at INSTRUCTIVO DE OPERACION, CENTROS DE SERVICIO Y POLIZA INSTRUCTION MANUAL DE GARANTIA. ADVERTENCIA: LEASE ESTE INSTRUCTIVO GUIDE D'UTILISATION ANTES DE USAR EL PRODUCTO. MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES DW734 12-1/2" (318 mm) Heavy Duty Portable Thickness Planer Raboteuse portative de service intensif de 318 mm (12-1/2 po) Cepillo portatil de 318 mm (12-1/2") para trabajo pesado IF YOU HA VE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS OR ANY D E W A L T T O OL, CALL US T OLL FREE

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Turning sprocket (F) clockwise will decrease the distance between the table and head casting. Counterclockwise will increase the distance. 6. Replace chain being careful not to disturb the position of the sprockets and replace idler sprocket assembly (E) Fig. 51. B A Fig. 49 A Fig. 50 C DE Fig. 51 F Fig. 52 20 MACHINE USE When using your machine, you may want to follow these few simple steps for achieving the best results possible. 1. True Up One Face – Feed one face of the board over a jointer,