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Инструкция по эксплуатации Creek Audio, модель Evolution RDS

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The Evolution is the matching tuner for the Evolution Integrated Amplifier and CD Player, although it will also work very well with any other manufacturers’ amplifiers. The functions and operation of the Evolution tuner are deceptively simple for the many features that it offers, all of which can be remotely controlled. SAFETY REQUIREMENTS Read all the instructions before connecting or operating the unit. Keep this manual so you can refer to these safety instructions. WATER & MOISTURE To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose the unit to moisture or water. If the unit is exposed to moisture, immediately disconnect the power cord from the wall. Take the unit to an authorised service centre for inspection. Do not touch the unit, power cord, or plug with wet hands. VENTILATION You must allow 5 cm (2 inches) of unobstructed clearance around the unit. Do not place the unit on a bed, sofa, rug, or similar surface that could block ventilation from the bottom. HEAT Keep the unit away from naked flames, radiators, stoves, or any other heat-producing appliances (including amplifiers). RACK & STANDS Place the unit on a fixed, level surface strong enough to support its weight, such as the Creek Audio Rack. Do not place it on a moveable device that could tip over. CLEANING Unplug the unit from the mains supply before cleaning. The case should normally require only a wipe with a soft lint-free cloth. POWER SOURCES Only connect the unit to a power supply of the type and voltage described in the operating instructions or specified on the rear panel of the unit. POWER CORD PROTECTION Connect the unit to the power outlet only with the cord supplied. Do not modify the supplied cable in any way. Do not attempt to defeat grounding and/or polarisation provisions. Do not use extension cords. Do not route the power cord where it will be crushed, pinched, bent at severe angles, exposed to heat, or damaged in any way. NON-USE PERIODS If the unit is to be left unused for a long period of time, the power cord should be unplugged from the wall outlet. Page 1 SAFETY REQUIREMENTS cont’d. DAMAGE REQUIRING SERVICE Stop using the unit immediately and have it inspected by an authorised service centre whenever:.. 1. The power supply cord or plug has been damaged. 2. Liquid has been spilled into the unit. 3. The unit has been exposed to rain. 4. The unit does not operate properly. 5. The unit has been dropped or damaged. 6. Smoke or any unusual smell is detected from the unit. CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER. NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REAR PANEL CONNECTING TO OTHER EQUIPMENT INTERCONNECT CABLES To connect the tuner to an amplifier an interconnect cable is required. Any cable of reasonable quality terminated with RCA plugs will be suitable. Please consult your dealer if you are unsure. AUDIO OUTPUT These outputs are located on the back of the Evolution Tuner and are labelled ANALOGUE OUTPUT. Connect these outputs to the amplifier's tuner input. Match the Red interconnect lead to the R-ANALOGUE OUTPUT and the White interconnect lead to the L-ANALOGUE OUTPUT. ANTENNA One FM and one AM antenna are supplied. Connect the AM (two wire loop) antenna to the AM antenna clips on the rear panel. Connect the FM antenna (single piece of wire) to the FM 75 Ohm connection on the rear panel. To obtain the best FM or AM signal use a high quality directional external antenna. If in doubt consult your supplying dealer for advice. MAINS CONNECTION Check that the power button on the front of the unit is in the off position. Push the plug (IEC line socket) of the power cable supplied with the Evolution Tuner into the socket (AC IN) on the rear of the unit. Make sure it is pressed in firmly. Plug the other end of the power cable into an AC wall outlet. FRONT PANEL FRONT PANEL CONTROLS & OPERATION POWER Press this button to turn the tuner on and off. TUNING Turn the knob left or right to manually fine tune stations after switching Mode to tuning. When tuned to the maximum frequency, it is possible to go to the minimum frequency quickly by continuing to turn the knob clockwise. The frequency will flip to the bottom 87.5Mhz on FM. Page 2 PRE-SET Steps up or down through pre-set stations by turning the knob on the right after switching Mode to Pre-set. When using Pre-set mode, after reaching the last stored station in FM, the tuner will flip to any stored stations in AM, then back to FM if the knob is turned back or forward through all of the stored AM stations. MODE Press this button to select manual tuning or pre-set mode, when using the 32mm knob on the right of the panel. The button toggles between the 2 functions and the display will either show the pre-set station number, say 12F, for the station pre-set 12, or it will show 00F at the beginning to indicate free tuning and not pre-set. SCAN Press to scan up the radio dial from the lowest frequency. Press once to automatically search for the next tuned (str...

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