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Инструкция по эксплуатации Tivoli Audio, модель Three

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After 5 minutes, the alarm sound will automatically resume. 10. CLOCK: This quartz analog clock features a fine mechanical quartz movement for superb accuracy. The clock operates off of a single “AA” battery so power failures will not affect the clock’s accuracy. Check the battery annually so the clock remains accurate. The clock’s illumination cannot be turned off or adjusted. It is normal for the light to take several seconds to extinguish if the power supply is disconnected. Tivoli Audio3267101945118131214 Guide to features (rear panel): 1. BALANCE: If The Stereo Speaker or Dual Alarm Speaker (sold separately) is not connected, the Balance knob should be set to the Left channel position and the Mono/Stereo switch should be set to Mono. If the Dual Alarm Speaker or Stereo Speaker (sold separately) is connected, set the Balance control to the center detent position for equal balance, or upward to hear the main unit speaker, or downward to hear the (right) Stereo Speaker, and set Mono/Stereo switch to Stereo. 2 R-SPR: Connect the male RCA cable from the right Dual Alarm or Stereo Speaker (sold separately) to this output, switch the Mono/Stereo switch to Stereo, and place the Balance knob in the center detent position. Connecting a speaker other than The Stereo Speaker or Dual Alarm Speaker may cause damage to the Model Three and void your warranty. 3. 12VDC, 1.5A: Connect the included AC power supply to this input. Use only the power supply provided with this product. To obtain a replacement, contact your authorized dealer or Tivoli Audio, USA: 1.877.297.9479. The power supply connector is 5.5mm/2.1mm x 13mm long, center positive. Do not connect the power supply to an electrical outlet controlled by a wall switch. It is normal for the power supply to become warm during use. An optional 12VDC nominal, 1.5A fused source may also be used. 4. ANTENNA SWITCH: Switch between internal and external FM antennae. If the included FM antenna is used, set this switch to external. This switch has no affect on AM reception. 5. EXTERNAL FM CONNECTION: The Model Three has built-in AM and FM antennae. To improve FM reception, insert the end of the supplied FM antenna into the center of this “F” connector and set the switch to External. Adjust the wire for best reception. See the section marked “Reception” for more information. This connection has no affect on AM reception. 6. HEADPHONE: Connect a headset (not included) to this stereo output for private listening. The headphone volume is controlled by the Model Three’s volume knob. Connecting a pair of headphones will mute the Model Three’s speaker. This jack accepts a 1/8" stereo male mini plug. 7. SUB OUT: Connect Tivoli Audio’s Model Subwoofer (sold separately) to this output to enhance the bass. This jack accepts a 1/8" stereo male mini plug. 8. AUX IN: To hear audio from another device, such as Tivoli Audio's Model CD, connect the device’s audio output to this stereo input and switch the source knob to Aux. Note that you may need to adjust the volume level differently for an auxiliary device than the level normally used for radio listening. This jack accepts a 1/8" stereo male mini plug. 9. REC OUT: You may record from the Model Three by connecting a cassette deck or other recording device to this fixed level, stereo output. You may also use the Model Three as a high-performance AM/FM analog tuner by connecting a preamplifier or integrated amplifier to this output. The Model Three’s speaker will not be muted when using this output. This jack accepts a 1/8" stereo male mini plug. 10. MIX IN: Connect your computer’s (or other device) audio output to this stereo input to hear audio mixed-in with either the tuner or auxiliary device if one is connected. The volume level of this input must be adjusted at the source. This jack accepts a 1/8" stereo male mini plug. 11. MONO/STEREO: This switch should remain in the Mono position unless the right Stereo Speaker (sold separately) is connected, in which case the Stereo position should be selected. If you are using the Stereo Speaker and have the switch set to Stereo, you may wish to experiment with this switch during radio listening, as the Mono position may help to clean up FM static noise. The Headphone and Record outputs are Stereo and are not affected by this switch, unless the Source knob is set to AM (which is always Mono) or FM and this switch is set to Mono. 12. TIME SET: Briefly press and release this button to advance the hands in small increments. Press and hold this button to continuously advance the clock’s hands. Release the button when the clock is set properly. Be sure the alarm button is in the Off position when setting the time. See “How to set the clock”. 13. ALARM GRILLE: The alarm beep emits from this grille. Do not block this grille 14. BATTERY BACK UP: Remove the battery cover and install a fresh major brand 1.5V “AA” alkaline battery, observing correct +/– polarity. The clock operates off of the battery cont...

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