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Инструкция по эксплуатации ClearSounds, модель CL1100

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Lift the handset 2. Press PROG button (see diagram #7) 3. Press the “#” button 4. Press any of the dial keys 1 - 9 (see diagram #8) 5. The new ringer setting will be activated with the next incoming call. Your CL1100 is also equipped with a visual ringer, which flashes when the phone rings. NOTE: You may temporarily turn OFF the audible ringer by selecting the “0” key in the instructions above. An incoming call will now be indicated only by the red flashing indicator light located on the top of the phone. The audible ringer will be automatically reset to the previous setting (1 to 9) when the handset is lifted from the base unit. If at any time you have questions about your telephone please contact our ClearSounds™ Customer Service Department at: 1-800-965-9043. CL1100 Phone Operation MAKING AND RECEIVING A CALL Making A Call 1. To make a call, lift the handset, listen for a dial tone and adjust your Volume & Tone Settings. (See pages 10 - 11 for details on the amplification functions) 2. To dial a number you can: a. Dial a number from the keypad -ORb. Press one of the memory dial buttons (See pages 8 - 9 for instructions on programming Memory Dial Buttons) 3. On completion of the call, carefully replace the handset in the cradle. Receiving/Answering A Call When an incoming call is received the phone will ring and the (red) Visual Ring Indicator will flash. 1. While the phone is ringing, simply lift the handset and speak. 2. Adjust your Volume and Tone Settings if needed (See pages 10 - 11 for assistance) 3. On completion of the call, carefully replace the handset in the cradle. USING THE AMPLIFICATION FUNCTION Your CL1100 Phone is equipped with a specialized amplification function designed to fit your needs. You can adjust the volume and tone (sound frequency range) of the incoming voice by simply adjusting the controls located on the right side of the phone (See diagram #11) and using the AMPLIFY button (See diagram #12). When the AMPLIFY button is pressed, you will see the red light on the AMPLIFY button light up. Adjust the VOLUME and TONE to fit the levels to your own hearing requirements. The CL1100 Phone has an AMPLIFY button that controls the loudness & tone of the receiver. Press the AMPLIFY button to turn the extra amplification ON or OFF. With the AMPLIFY feature OFF , the phone volume control provides up to 15 dB of gain. Once the AMPLIFY button is pressed, an extra level of amplification is added providing 15 to 30 dB of gain and tone control. Adjust the volume by moving the slide control. Slide the Volume control UP to lower the level and slide the Volume control DOWN to increase the level. In addition to amplification, your CL1100 Phone offers the ability to adjust the Sound Frequency Range you are amplifying. Sound Frequency Range is also called Tone control. This allows you to adjust the sound to fit your specific hearing needs. Slide the Tone control UP, to boost the lower frequency range and slide the Tone control DOWN to boost the high frequency range. This allows individuals with both high frequency and low frequency hearing loss to use the CL1100 Phone. Please note: the Tone Control will only operate once the AMPLIFY button is turned ON. Diagram #11– Volume & Tone controls Diagram #12 – Amplify button VO LUME TONE Bass +10dB max Treble +10dB max Normal 0dB +30db max 30dB AMPLIFY ON 15dB AMPLIFY OFF 15dB Chart #2 – ClearSounds Amplification & Tone Control Chart Volume Reset Override In standard mode, the phone will reset to normal sound levels when you hang up. This allows people who do not require the level of amplification offered on the phone to use it. If you would like to override the reset, simply turn the AUTO AMPLIFY switch on the back of the phone to “ON” (See diagram #13). IMPORTANT: When the AUTO AMPLIFY switch is in the “ON” position, you do not need to press the AMPLIFY button. Your amplification setting will remain as set. DIAGRAM #13 - Volume override switch Using Your CL1100 Phone with Hearing Aids Your CL1100 Phone can be used with hearing aids equipped with a telecoil (T-coil). Adjust your hearing aid “T-switch” to the “T” position. Make sure to hold the handset close to your hearing aid. Outgoing Speech Volume You can adjust the sending volume (outgoing volume up to 12 dB) by using the Speech Volume Control located on the back of the CL1100 phone. If your voice is faint or weak, adjust the volume to “HI”. You can also decrease the volume as well. There are three levels available “LO, NORMAL & HI” (See diagram #14). DIAGRAM #14 – Outgoing speech volume switch Dialing Stored Numbers 1. Lift the handset and listen for the dial tone. 2. Press the appropriate location button M1 – M12 and the number stored in this location will be dialed automatically (See diagram #15). DIAGRAM #15 – Memory Dial button Last Number Redial The redial button is used to quickly redial the last number you dialed. 1. Lift the handset and listen for the dial tone. 2. Press the “REDIAL” button (See...

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