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Инструкция по эксплуатации Macsense Connectivity, модель Document Centre 432

Производитель: Macsense Connectivity
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The Internal Address Book is created by the System Administrator. The Document Centre will display search results forthe Internal Address Book as defined by the LDAP configuration. For example, an LDAP server can return a search enquiry "And" as "Andrew Smith" when the result "Andrews, James" may have been expected. The or, display behaviour is controlled by the LDAP server and not the Document Centre. NOTE: The LDAP configuration may also return other search results, for example "AndrewS" forthe same search query. If a user has successfully logged into a device with Authentication enabled and LDAP configured the DC440/432/ 425 will attempt to automatically match the user’s login name to their e-mail address. The user’s e-mail address will then be used to populate the "From" e-mail address field. This enables recipients of e-mail jobs to identify the originator of the e-mail job. NOTE: Users will not be able to change the user’s "From" address if the user has logged in using Network Authenticated Access. This prevents untraceable e-mail jobs being sent from the Document Centre. Page 7-6 Xerox Document Centre 440/432/425 User Guide Image Adjustment Quick Pathway > Select [Features] on the control panel >Select [E-mail] > Select [Image ^Adjustment] Use the Image Adjustment features to apply changes to the document being scanned. NOTE: If E-mail is the default screen this tab will be called Added Features. On selection it will change to Image Adjustment. Refer to the following for more information: Original Size - page 7-8 Basic Image Quality - page 7-9 Sides Imaged - page 7-10 Stored Image Settings - page 7-11 Erase - page 7-12 Xerox Document Centre 440/432/425 User Guide Page 7-7 E-mail Original Size > Select [Original Size]. > Selecttheoption required. > Select [Save]. Auto Custom Standard Used to enterthe size of the document when scanning from the Document Glass or the Document Feeder. Original Size Options accepts the machine’s automatic size sensing. Do not use Auto for non-standard sizes. The machine cannot sense the size of non-standard documents. NOTE: Auto is the default setting. Mixed Size Originals is always enabled to Auto. to define the size by programming the X and Y settings for nonstandard sizes. Use either the scroll bars to enter the value or select a numeric box to display a pop-up screen and enter the value using the keypad displayed. This feature can only be used when a document is placed on the document glass. pre-set document sizes automatically available in the Paper Size list. This feature can only be used when a document is placed on the document glass. Page 7-8 Xerox Document Centre 440/432/425 User Guide Basic Image Quality > Select [Basic Image Quality], > Selecttheoption required. > Select [Save]. Auto Exposure Lighter/Darker Sharpness Adjusts the settings for the output. Basic Image Quality Options Text - used forscanning text, solids, line art, and halftones. Auto - used to scan documents that contain halftones and mixed images. Photo - used forscanning continuous-tone photographs and high-quality halftones. enhances documents that have coloured backgrounds. adjusts the density of copies and scanned images in the Text, Auto and Photo mode. enhances ordecreases the sharpness level of fine lines and edges during Photo mode image processing. Xerox Document Centre 440/432/425 User Guide Page 7-9 E-mail Sides Imaged > Select [Sides Imaged]. > Selecttheoption required. > Select [Save]. 1 Sided 2 Sided 2 Sided, Side 2 is Rotated Image Orientation Print Local Copy This feature enables users to scan a single-sided or doublesided job. Sides Imaged Options scans the document as a single-sided job. This is the default setting on the machine. scans the document as a head to head double-sided job. scans the document as a head to toe double-sided job. NOTE: The Document Feeder must be used when scanning 2 sided documents. select this feature to identify the orientation of the image before scanning. This feature prints a single copy of the scanned image file on successful completion of thejob. NOTE: Stapled output will not be available. Page 7-10 Xerox Document Centre 440/432/425 User Guide Stored Image Settings Defines the resolution and the file format in which to send scanned images. > Select [Stored Image Settings]. > Selecttheoption required. > Select [Save]. Resolution defines the scan resolution options. Select from 600 x 600 dpi, 400 x 400 dpi, 300 x 300 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi, or100x 200 dpi. Output Image Format sets the format for scanned images to Tiff, Multipage Tiff or PDF files. Stored Image Settings Cancel Save I Resolution I Output Image I_I Format □TIFF Multipage TIFF H NOTE: The System Administrator sets up the default settings for Resolution and Output Image Format features via the Web Ul. Stored Image Settings Cancel | Save Resolution 1 j BOO x 60...

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