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Инструкция по эксплуатации Panasonic, модель RQSX40

Производитель: Panasonic
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....... 0 Dry cell bottory case....... C§} Carrying ha.g . ,... ... f$ Rechargeable battery _____ .. . Rechargeable batter/ canying case To order accessories call MSC Acr.essory Dept i -800< Charger Input: Output: AC 120 V. 50/60 Hz DC 340 mA 1.2 V Noté: 3pedfleations are subject totfhanga without notice Weight and d>meí»3»on5 are approximate. ma Ф Eorphones jack (Q) :?} Dolby noise reduction «witch (□□ NR) Й; Volume conirol (VOL) ¡Я Blank skip, reverse mode selector (B.S ON/O.OFF/T>) :i; Hold switch for main unit (HOLD) Cassette holder open knob (OPEN) ?r Play, tape direction button (-< ►) (о; Stop button (■) Щ Past forward button (FF) ■5 Rewind button (REW) ¿fi Connection terminal for battery саье % Rechargeable battery compartment cover Щ Earphones jack i One-?epeat/tone control button (-1-RPT/EO) Display iffi Rewind. fast forward buttons (REW/-. FF/+) Main (play, changc direction, stop) button # Plug 0 Clip *201 Volume control (VOL) •?!> Hold switch for romote controller (HOLO) •2i §i'der When not in use. slide up the slide* to provoni entanglement of the cord % Plug Power Sources Rechargeable battery For its initial use after purchasing or after a long time interval (more than three months), be sure to recharge the rechargeable battery. Normally 2 hours recharging will give approximately 10 hours tape playback (at 25°C). 1 Insert one AA battery (R6/LR6 or equivalent, not included) into the battery case. 2 Attach the battery case to the unit. ■ To extend the playback time Install both types of battery (rechargeable and dry cell batteries) in the unit. ■ Battery condition indicator While the unit is operating, the remaining battery charge is indicated on the display panel of the remote controller. Since flashing of the indication tells the weak of the battery, recharge the rechargeable battery or replace the battery with new one. [iHM'Ort- Flashes. Accidental Operation Prevention Function (HOLD mode) This function prevents the unit from operating even if one of the buttons is pressed in error. Use this function to prevent the following situations: •While not in use, the play inadvertently starts and the battery runs down. •Play is interrupted while the unit is in use. ■ To use the hold function Set HOLD to the hold position (hold state). •When the remote controller is in the hold state, the display shows •Both the main unit and remote controller have a HOLD switch, and each of them works individually. Tape Playback 1 Insert a cassette tape. Type of tape which can be played on this unit: Push the knob while pressing the front cover. Normal position/TYPE 1 О High position/TYPE 11 о Metal position/TYPE IV о The type of tape is automatically detected. Closing the cover, playback will be expected to start from the side A. Unless the earphones and remote controller are firmly inserted into the Q jack, the sound may become intermittent, or operation using the remote controller may become —^ impossible. 3 Release the hold state. 4 Press M ►. (Playback is started.) Press. 5 Adjust the volume To stop playback: Press ■. Volume control Be sure to adjust the volume control on the main unit to ‘'5-7" position. TO Press. (Bee...p) ■ Illuminated remote controller Pressing any button on the remote controller or the unit lights the display for approximately 5 seconds, enabling easy use even in dark areas. ■ The operation and confirmation tones (Only using the remote controller) The operation tone sounds following situations. •“Beep” sounds whenever the remote control button is pressed. •The beep tone, which is emitted when the ...

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