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Инструкция по эксплуатации Ingersoll-Rand, модель SS5

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Single-Phase Wiring T = Supply Line Terminal L = Load Terminal uJ L=J L1 Pressure switch used disconnecLorclrcu_t breaker (inctltde_ on/auto-off switch) Singie phase m_or COMPRESSOR LUBRICATION CAUTION Do not operate without lubricant or with inadequate lubricant. Ingersoll-Rand fs not responsible for compressor failure caused by inadequate lubrication SYNTHETIC LUBRICANT. We recommend thgersolI-Rand synthetic compressor lubricant from start-up See the WARRANTY section for extended warranty information ALTERNATE LUBRfOANTS. You may use a petroleum-based lubricant that is premium quality, does not contain detergents, contains only anti-rust, anti-oxidation, and anti-foam agents as additives, has a fieshpoint of 440°F (227°C) or higher, and has an auto-ignition polnt of 650=F (343°C) or higher See the petroleum lubricant viscosity table below The table is intended as a general guide only Heavy duty operating conditions require heavier viscosities,, Refer specific operating conditions to _our dealer for recommendations Temperature Around Unit Vlscosib' @ 100"F (37 8"C) Viscosity Grade _F "C SUS Centtstokes 1SO SAE 40&below 44&below 150 32 32 10 40-BO 44-26 7 500 t10 !00 30 80-125 26.7 -51.0 750 165 '_50 40 you use a petroleum-based compressor lubricant at start-up and decide to convert to Ingersoll-Rand synthetic compressor lubricant later on, the compressor valves must be thoroughly decarbonized and the crankcase must be flushed before conversion FILLING PROCEDURES: t,, Unscrew and remove the ell fillplug (A) 2. Slowly flit the crankcase with lubricant until the lubricant reaches the top thread of the sit filI opening and the top of the sight glass Crankcase capacity for the SS3 Is one-half (0 5) Iiter Crankcase capacity for the SS5 is one (1) liter., 3. Replace the oil fill plug HAND TIGHT ONLY Filling Procedures INITIAL START-UP Follow this procedure before putting the unit into service for the first time: t. Set the pressure swffch lever to "OFF".. Pressure Switch Lever OFF" ON/AUTO 2. Open the service valve fully to prevent air pressure from building in the tank. (A=Open, B=Closed) Service Valve 3. Move the pressure switch lever to "ON/AUTO _ The unit will start 4. Run the unit for 30 minutes Ensure the service vaive is fully open and there is no tank pressure build up CAUTION Unusual noise or vibration indicates a problem Do not continue to operate until you identify and correct the source of the problem., IF EMERGENCY CONDITIONS ARE ENCOUNTERED, SHUT OFF THE MAIN POWER IMMEDIATELY, 5., After 30 minutes, close the service valve fully. The air receiver will fill to cut-out pressure and the motor will stop The unit is now ready for use B[o]"J=1:_.,_II[=]h GENERAL Your air compressor was designed for f 00% continuous duty operation with the use of Ingersoll-Rand synthetic compressor lubricant and 60% continuous duty operation with the use of petroleum lubricant In other words, synthetic lubricant allows the compressor to pump continuously without cycling Petroleum lubricant limits the compressor to a maximum of 36 minutes of pumping time per hour The compressor should not cycle more than 10 times per hour NORMAL START-UP 1 Set the pressure switch lever to "OFF" 2 Close the service valve 3 Attach hose and accessory 4., Move the pressure switch lever Io "ON/AUTO _ The coil will start 5. Allow tank pressure to build The motor will stop when tank pressure reaches cut-out pressure, 6 Open the service valve The unit is now ready for use. NOTE When the receiver tank pressure drops below the factory pro-set minimum, the pressure switch resets and restarts the unit, WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED: 1 Set the pressure switch lever to "OFF" 2 Close the service valve fully 3 Remove the air loci er accessory 4 Slowly open the serv[ce valve to bleed air pressure down Io 20 psig 5 Slowly open the manual drain valve at the bottom of the tank ta drain all condensate (water)., 6 Close the drain valve and the service vaIve for the next use i I II'llI' ' I' '11I'lll'l WARNING Disconnect. lock and tag the main power supply and release air pressure from the system before performing maintenance., NOTE All compressed air systems contain maintenance parts (e g, lubricating oil, filters, separators) which are periodically replaced,. These used parts may be, or may contain, substances that are regulated and must be disposed of in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. NOTE Take note of the positions and locations of parts during disassembly to make reassembly easier., The assembly sequences and parts iliusfrated may differ for your particular unit,, NOTE Any service operations not included in this section should be performed by an authorized service representative. ROUTINE MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Dally or Before • Check lubricant leve_ Fil_ as needed Eacl_ Operation • Drain receiver tank condensate Open the manual drain vaive and cofiect and dispose of condensate accordingly • Check for unusual noise and vibration • Ensur...

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