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Инструкция по эксплуатации Fishman, модель Aura Jerry Douglas Signature Series

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Set the controls – Volume at minimum, select at #1 and blend at its mid-point. Plug in – Use standard .-inch shielded instrument cables. Place any other pedals after the Aura. Set trim – Play hard and adjust input trim (right side) so clip/batt LED fl ashes occasionally. Select an Image – Raise the volume and audition the 16 Images with the select knob. Blend to taste – turn left for more pickup and right for more Image. Kill feedback – If feedback starts, change the position of the phase switch. Bypass – Step on the footswitch to alternate between blended Image sound and dry pickup (default setting). Mute – To alternate between blended Image sound and mute, hold the footswitch down until the LED fl ashes. Repeat to return to bypass. 2 ® ACOUSTIC IMAGING ® ACOUSTIC IMAGING 3 About this pedal Larry Fishman developed the Signature Series Aura Pedal with a world-class team of professionals, including musician Jerry Douglas, recording studio engineer Bil VornDick, and reknowned resonator builder Paul Beard, to bring you the most realistic amplifi ed tone available. Night after night, or any time you record, this pedal lets you reproduce the tone that can only be created by such trade masters. In order to fully realize the benefi ts of this pedal, we recommend using the Nashville Series resophonic pickup to amplify your resonator guitar. For the best sound reproduction, connect your Aura Imaging Pedal to an acoustic instrument amp, a PA system, a powered monitor or other full-range system. A word from Jerry Douglas “After all these years of fi ghting microphones and feeling tied to one square foot of stage fl oor, I really believe we have the answer to every acoustic instrumental ist’s dreams: a realistic sounding system that empowers the voice of our favorite instruments.” 4 A word from Paul Beard “In the world of resophonic guitar amplifi cation, we fi nally have resolution! The Fishman Nashville Series resophonic pickup is the result of new technology and innovative design. Use this pickup when playing with the Aura Imaging Pedal, select a microphone Image and turn it up. This new resonator pickup and Aura will make your microphone obsolete.” A word from Bil VornDick “We used Class A discreet mic preamps with vintage and artistically chosen microphones to create these Aura Images. The studio sounds that they conjure are accurate sonic representations of the instrument. I enjoyed working with Larry Fishman, the master who has invented this incredible technology, to create these Images. The calls and emails I have received, from everyday musicians to those that are household names, state their praise for the Aura and how it has helped their instrument whether in concert, a Grand Ole Opry broadcast, or a small night club. These Images were recorded with the benefi t of over 25 years of studio experience recording Jerry, and I have taken extreme care to help secure precise Images for your performances. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy using Aura.” 5 Images Image Microphone Type Distance 1 Neumann U67 Large diaphragm tube condensor 12” 2 Neumann U67 Large diaphragm tube condensor 18” 3 RCA 77 Poly-directional ribbon 12” 4 RCA 77 Poly-directional ribbon 12” (Instrument drop tuned to CAFCAF) 5 Neumann M149 Large diaphragm tube condensor 18” 6 Neumann M149 Large diaphragm tube condensor 12” 7 Crowley Tripp El Diablo Figure 8 ribbon 12” 8 Shure SM81 Uni-directional small condensor 12” 6 Image Microphone Type Distance 9 Royer R-121 Figure 8 Ribbon 12” (Instrument drop tuned to CAFCAF) 10 Neumann U47 Lg. diaphragm cardioid tube condensor 12” 11 Neumann FET 47 Cardioid FET Lg. diaphragm condensor 12” 12 Neumann FET 47 Cardioid FET Lg. diaphragm condensor 12” (Instrument drop tuned to CAFCAF) 13 Crowley Tripp Soundstage Figure 8 Ribbon 12” 14 Neumann KM84 Small diaphragm cardioid condensor 12” 15 Shure KSM 32 Side-address cardioid condensor 9” 16 Shure SM-57 Cardioid dynamic 12” Fishman Transducers, Inc. is not affi liated with any of the forementioned companies, 7 8 Using effects When using your Aura Imaging Pedal with other effects devices, place the Aura Imaging Pedal fi rst in the chain after your guitar. ® ACOUSTIC I M A G I N G 9 If you have a pedal tuner, place it before the Aura Imaging Pedal. ® ACOUSTIC I M A G I N G Left side panel Output Use a standard .-inch instrument cable to connect the output to your amplifi er, mixer or effects devices. You can also connect this output to an unbalanced input on a recording system. 9vdc See Power section. 10 Right side panel Input Plug in your guitar here with a standard .-inch instrument cable. If you have a passive undersaddle pickup (no battery onboard), always plug into the Aura Imaging Pedal fi rst, even if you use a pedal tuner. Trim Raise or lower the trim to optimize the input level for your pickup. Play hard and adjust trim so clip/batt LED fl ashes occasionally. Use your thumb or a pick to turn the trim control. 11 Control set Phase switch Use the phase switc...

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