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Инструкция по эксплуатации Marshall Amplification, модель MG15CDR

Производитель: Marshall Amplification
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It’s the same circuit found on the larger MG amps and highly effective, letting you go from an all-out American scooped -i MARSHALL MG15CD COMBO PRICE: £69 ORIGIN: UK TYPE: Solid-state, twin channel OUTPUT: 15 watts RMS DIMENSIONS: 380(h) x 375 (w)x 205(d) WEIGHT: (kg/lb) 7.2/15 CABINET: 15mm particle board LOUDSPEAKER: Single eight-inch Marshall MG CHANNELS: Two CONTROLS: Clean channel volume, gain, overdrive volume, bass, contour and treble. Lead channel select switch, FDD on/off COVER: No FOOTSWITCH: No ADDITIONAL FEATURES: CD in/emulated line out, emulated headphones socket Marshall Amplification 01908 375411 November 2002 Guitarist 87 MARSHALL MG15CD, MG15CDR & MG15DFX £89, £69, £109 GUITAR AMPS MARSHALL MG 15CDR ■ COMBO SameasMG15CD except... PRICE: €89 ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Spring reverb with level control MARSHALL MG15DFX COMBO SameasMG15CD except... PRICE: £109 ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Digital effects - a choice of reverb, delay, chorus and flange with preset/adjust and level controls RANGE OPTIONS: Other MG Series combos include the MG50DFX (£249), the MG 100DFX (£299) and the MG250DFX combo (£329). The MG100HDFX head costs £249 and the MG412A or B 4 x 12 cabs are £259 each The rivals Peavey Blazer 158TT £75 Peavey Blazer 158TT reverb £109 Fender Frontman 15 £64 Fender Frontman 15R £84 Fender Bullet 15 DSP £149 Only the major amp producers have what it takes to hold a candle to the MGs. Peavey’s Blazer is smart and has a good range of tone, but sounds a little boxy even with reverb. Same goes for the Frontmen. Fender’s Bullet is the only other amp in this league to have DSP, but there’s an extra £40 to save up first thrash tone to a punchy Brit-biased mid-range squawk with a mere twist. All three amps also feature the new Frequency Dependent Damping circuit (FDD) which is also operated by a front panel switch. This circuit mimics the interaction between a loudspeaker and a valve output stage to give a more dynamic and valve-like effect. All amps also feature a headphones socket and a clever jack socket which functions as an input for tape or compact disc as well as a speaker emulated line out. So that’s all of what you get with the MG15CD. Now, while the MG15CDR adds a reverb spring with level control, theMG15DFXtakes you into the wild world of onboard digital effects, with a choice of reverb, delay, chorus and flange. TWo knobs offer a limited amount of adjustment, similar to the larger MG models. The preset/adjust knob governs your choice of effect and adjusts a parameter. Each effect covers a quarter of this knob’s travel, and as you rotate it within each segment, delays get longer, modulations quicker and reverbs, well, more reverby. The other knob varies the effects level in relation to the unaffected guitar sound. SOUNDS: Each amp delivers the same basic range of sounds, from crisp and MARSHALL MG15DFX COMBO EST RESULTS All three are so sharply priced it’s difficult to find fault. Forty years ago amps like these only existed in our wildest ...

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