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Инструкция по эксплуатации MSI, модель Z87M GAMING

Производитель: MSI
Размер: 8.07 mb
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Фото и характеристики  MSI  Z87M GAMING
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. Selects the screen type of Intel Rapid Start Display. [BIOS Save/Restore] The BIOS POST splash screen will be saved/ restored. [DeskTop Save/Restore] The desktop image will be saved/ restored. RapidStart Display Type [BIOS Save/Restore] 3-9 3-93-9 BIOS Setup BIOS SetupBIOS Setup Chapter Chapter 3 USB Configuration. .LakeTiny Feature [Disabled] Enables or disables Intel Lake Tiny feature with iRST for SSD. This item appears when a installed CPU supports this function and "Intel C-State" is enabled. [Enabled] Enhance the dynamic IO load adjusted performance for accelerating the SSD speed. [Disabled] Disables this feature. Sets the onboard USB controller and device function. Press to enter the submenu. . Enables or disables the onboard USB controller. .XHCI Hand-off [Enabled] Enables or disables XHCI hand-off support for the operating system without XHCI hand-off feature. .EHCI Hand-off [Enabled] Enables or disables EHCI hand-off support for the operating system without EHCI hand-off feature. . Sets Legacy USB function support. [Auto] The system will automatically detect if any USB device is connected and enables or disables the legacy USB support. [Enabled] Enable the USB support for legacy operating systems that do not support USB. [Disabled] The USB devices are available only for UEFI applications. .Onboard USB3.0 Controller [Enabled] Enables or disables the external USB 3.0 controller. USB Controller [Enabled] Legacy USB Support [Enabled] Intel(R) Smart Connect Configuration. Sets Intel Smart Connect Technology for optimizing system network performance in sleep mode. Press to enter the sub-menu. .Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology [Enabled] Enables or disables Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology. This feature can update applications (ex. email and social networks) by periodically waking your system from sleep mode. And you do not need to wait for the applications to update when you wake up the system. [Enabled] Enables Intel smart connect technology. [Disabled] Disables Intel smart connect technology. .Power Management Setup Sets system Power Management of EuP2013 and AC Power Loss behaviors. Press to enter the sub-menu. BIOS Setup 3-10 3-10BIOS SetupBIOS Setup 3-10 EuP 2013 [Disabled] . Enables or disables the system power consumption according to EuP2013 regulation. [Enabled] Optimize the system power consumption according to EuP 2013 regulation. [Disabled] Disables this function. Note: When enabled, the system will not support RTC wake up event functions. . Sets the system behaviors while encountering the AC power loss. [Power Off] Leaves the system in power off state after restoring AC power. [Power On] Boot up the system after restoring AC power. [Last State] Restores the system to the previous state (power on/ power off) before AC power loss. Restore after AC Power Loss [Power Off] Windows 8 Configuration. MSI Fast Boot [Disabled] Sets Windows 8 detailed configuration and behaviors. Press to enter the submenu. .Windows 8 Feature [Disabled] Enables the supports for Windows 8 or disables for other operating systems. Before enabling this item, make sure all installed devices & utilities (hardware & software) should meet the Windows 8 requirements. [Enabled] The system will switch to UEFI mode to meet the Windows 8 requirement. [Disabled] Disables this function. . MSI Fast Boot is the fastest way to boot the system. It will disable more devices to speed up system boot time which is faster than the boot time of “Fast Boot” . [Enabled] Enables the MSI Fast Boot function to speed up booting time. And the following "Fast Boot" will be disabled and fixed. [Disabled] Disables MSI Fast Boot. .Fast Boot [Enabled for Windows 8, Disabled for other OS] Enables or disables the Windows 8 fast boot feature. This item will only be available when "MSI Fast Boot" is disabled. [Enabled] Enables the Fast Boot configuration to accelerate system boot time. [Disabled] Disables the Fast Boot configuration. Important If you want to enter BIOS with enabled “MSI Fast Boot” mode or enabled "Fast Boot" mode, you have to click the "GO2BIOS" tab on MSI Fast Boot utility screen or press the "GO2BIOS" button (optional) on the motherboard. And then the system will enter to BIOS setup directly at next boot. . Manages the onboard Graphics Output Protocol (GOP). Press to enter the sub-menu. This menu shows the iGFX Driver version for system information management. This sub-menu will appear when “Windows 8 Feature” is enabled. Internal GOP Configuration 3-11 3-113-11 BIOS Setup BIOS SetupBIOS Setup Chapter Chapter 3 Secure Boot . Sets the Windows secure boot to prevent the unauthorized accessing. Press to enter the sub-menu. This sub-menu will appear when “Windows 8 Feature” is enabled. . Enables or disables secure boot. [Enabled] Enables the secure boot function and allow you to set the secure boot settings. [Disabled] Disables this function. . Selects the secure boot mode. This item is to sel...

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