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Инструкция по эксплуатации Rotel, модель RMD-90

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We are confident that you will find satisfaction in the high quality sound and top performance, and that you will find pleasure in the functional beauty achieved through human-engineering concept. Before starting operation, please read this instruction manual thoroughly and acquaint yourself with the proper mode of using the unit and all its connections. We hope you will enjoy top-notch performance for many years to come. INSTALLATION Be sure to place the unit in a level and flat place where it is free from humidity, vibration, high temperature and not exposed to direct sunlight. Be careful not to place the unit in a highly enclosed place such as near a wall or on a bookshelf. A poor ventilation will cause undesirable effects to the unit. POWER SUPPLY The RMD-90 is designed to receive power only through the special power supply socket on the rear panel of the integrated amplifier RMA-90. Plug the power cord of the RMD-90 into the power supply socket of the RMA-90. Never attempt to connect the RMD-90 power cord to a wall outlet or convenience outlet in other audio components. CONNECTION TO INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER Using the two accompanying pairs of RCA pin cords, connect LINE IN and OUT terminals on the back of deck with TAPE MONITOR terminals of the amplifier. Make sure LINE IN terminals are connected to TAPE MONITOR OUT terminals, and LINE OUT terminals to TAPE MONITOR IN terminals. Be sure to match L (left) and R (right) terminals of the components. To make correct connections, use cords with white plugs for left channel connections, and cords with red plugs for right channel connections. CASSETTE TAPES • To prevent possible trouble with the transport mechanism, use of large size cassette tapes, such as C-120, is not recommended. • Handle cassette tapes with care. Keep them away from heat, circulating dust, or a magnetic field (e.g. on the TV set). • Each cassette tape has safety tabs on its back edge to prevent accidental re-recording. The tabs are provided for both sides of cassette tape. You cannot record on the side whose tab has been removed. The tab can be removed with a screwdriver, etc. If you wish to record on the side with no tab, place a piece of adhesive tape, etc. over the opening where the tab has been, then you can record. • A loosened tape may cause trouble in playback or recording. Check the tape before loading it into the deck. If it is slack, insert a pencil or the like into either of cassette's hubs, and rotate it carefully until the slack is taken up. AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF SYSTEM To protect the RMD-90 motor and transport mechanism against unnecessary wear, an automatic shutoff device has been built into the unit. When either end of tape is reached in play, record, fast-forward, or rewind mode, the motor and mechanism will automatically shut off, disengaging the present mode. RMA90 RMD90 1 SWITCHES AND CONTROLS (1) Microphone Jacks When making live recording with stereo microphones, insert the microphone plugs into these jacks. Make sure the right-hand microphone is connected to the right channel jack, and the left-hand microphone to the left channel jack. Be sure to unplug the microphones when recording from other sources. (2) Peak Level Indicator Gives instantaneous display of recording or playback level for both left and right channels. Each bank of ten LEDs directly shows levels from —18dB to +8dB . (3) Cassette Controls REC Button To record, press this and PLAY button. The deck is now in the recoring mode, and the tape should be winding. The LED indicator above the button glows during recording. REW Button For rapid tape rewind, press this button. PLAY Button Press this button to start the cassette for playback of recorded tape. The LED indicator provided above the button will glow. F.FWD Button Press this button to advance the tape rapidly forward. STOP Button Press this button to stop the tape in any mode: record, playback, rewind, or fast-forward. This button will disengage any transport mode currently engaged. PAUSE Button Press this button to stop the tape temporarily during recording or playback. When this button is pressed, the LED indicator provided above the button glows. Pressing the button a second time will restart the tape in the interrupted mode. (4) Memory Repeat Button This button is used when you wish to repeat playback of a specific section. Depress the button. and the unit memorizes "000" position on the tape counter. If you press the REW button in this state, the tape will rewind to the "999” position on the counter, and it will then start replay from there. If the tape comes to the end while in recording or playback, it will rewind to "999" position automatically, and then playback starts. In normal circumstances, leave the button in released (OFF) position. (5) Recording Level Control Used to control the recording level of incoming signals from turntable, tuner, or microphones, etc. This is a dual concentric knob which permit...

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