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Инструкция по эксплуатации Rotel, модель RD1010

Производитель: Rotel
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We are confident that you will find satisfaction in the high quality sound and top performance, and that you will find pleasure in the functional beauty achieved through human-engineering concept. Before starting operation, please read this instruction manual thoroughly and acquaint yourself with the proper mode of using the unit and all its connections. We hope you will enjoy top-notch performance for many years to come. EXCLUSIVE NOTE FOR U.K. If your unit comes with a 2-core cable without a plug, make certain live and neutral leads are connected to the proper terminals. Check that the terminals are screwed down firmly and no loose strands of wire are present. IMPORTANT: The wires in this mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code: BLUE: NEUTRAL BROWN: LIVE As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this apparatus may not correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals in your plug proceed as follows. The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter N or coloured BLUE or BLACK. The wire which is coloured BROWN must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter L or coloured BROWN or RED. POWER SUPPLY For power the unit requires the normal house electrical current (AC). You may simply plug the unit into a wall outlet, or into your amplifier's switched or unswitched AC outlet. If it is plugged into a switched outlet, by leaving the power switch of the unit on, you will be able to maintain switching control for the RD-1010 with your amplifier. If it is connected to an unswitched outlet, like connecting to a wall outlet you must use the RD-1010's own power switch for switching control. CAUTION : Do not apply power without first making sure the proper connections are completed. If you live in U.K. and your unit comes with 2-core cord without a plug, be sure to read the exclusive caution for U.K. INSTALLATION Be sure to place the unit in a level and flat place where it is free from humidity, vibration, high temperature and not exposed to direct sunlight. Be careful not to place the unit in a highly enclosed place such as near a wall or on a bookshelf. A poor ventilation will cause undesirable effects to the unit. CONNECTION TO INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER Using the two accompanying pairs of RCA pin cords, connect LINE IN and OUT terminals on the back of deck with TAPE MONITOR terminals of the amplifier. Make sure LINE IN terminals are connected to TAPE MONITOR OUT terminals, and LINE OUT terminals to TAPE MONITOR IN terminals. Be sure to match L (left) and R (right) terminals of the components. To make correct connections, use cords with white plugs for left channel connections, and cords with red plugs for right channel connections. RD-1010 INTEGRATED AMP (or RECEIVER, PRE-AMP) ENGLISH © © © © © © © © © © SWITCHES AND CONTROLS (1) Power Button Depressed once, this button turns on power in the tape deck. Pressed a second time, the button is released and the unit is turned off. (2) Eject Button Press this button to open the cassette door when loading or unloading the cassette tape. To load the cassette tape, gently insert the cassette into the cassette holder, exposed tape side down, and the label for the side to be recorded or played back facing you. To close the cassette door, push it in lightly. (3) Timer Standby Switch Used when recording or playing back using a timer. In normal operation, leave the switch in OFF position. (4) Headphone Jack For headphone listening from the deck, the headset is plugged into this jack. Before beginning, make sure the volume control of your amplifier is set to minimum. The Output Level Control (7) controls the volume level in headphone listening. (5) Cassette Door Cassette tape is loaded into the cassette door. Press the EJECT button to open the door. ENGLISH J (6) Cassette Controls REW Button For rapid tape rewind, depress this button. PLAY Button Depress this button to start the cassette for playback of recorded tape. The LED provided on the button will be illuminated. F.FWD Button Depress this button to advance the tape rapidly forward. REC Button To record, depress this and PLAY button. The deck is now in the recording mode, and the tape should be winding. The LED provided on the button glows during recording. STOP Button Depress this button to stop the tape in any mode: record, playback, rewind or fast-forward. This button will release any transport button currently engaged. PAUSE Button Depress this button to stop the tape temporarily during recording or playback. To restart the tape, press this button a second time and return to the interrupted mode. (7) Output Level Control Used in playback. Turn the knob clockwise to increase level of output to be sent to the amplifier, and counterclockwise to decrease it. This control may be conveniently used to coordinate the output level of the deck with that of other program sources connect...

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