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A small "A" or "P" will be to the lower left of the hours to denote AM or PM. New Settings Date Settings When setting the date the year is also displayed. Press MODE button until Time Mode is displayed. Press and hold down ADJ for 3 seconds. Press MODE button and scroll to desired setting to change. Press UP or DOWN button until desired value appears, and then press MODE button for next setting. Press ADJ button at any time to save changes and exit. For 24/12 hour setting press MODE button until

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Hold pOWeR Button GpS Satellite Reception icon Take the BackTrack Outdoors 2. Hold pOWeR button (until the display appears) to turn on the BackTrack. When satellite icon stops blinking, it is ready to use (be sure you are outdoors with a clear view of the sky). Icons indicate button functions in Setup mode Time Set Hour Format Temp Units distance Units press Up Settings Mode 3. The Location screen will display when first turned on. The time is displayed but may need to be adjusted for your time