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PRODUCT QUESTIONS PHONE FIELD FIRST for answers on product maintenance, operation or replacement part questions. ..Phone:(252)522-3031 ..E-mail:fieldtec@fieldcontrols.com English.......Page 1 Francais .....Page 5 Espanol......Page 8 GENERAL INFORMATION The EVENAIR® should be installed in branch ducts serving individual rooms, where proper air flows cannot be achieved. The EVENAIR® is not designed for installation in the main air supply ducts. Locating the EVENAIR® near the outlet end of a proble

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(see Figure 1) For pipe mounting, the wall mount tabs should be removed from the mounting brackets. (see Figure 2) 2. Plug the antennas into each end of the housing, to the appropriate wire wrap connections (e.g. “CW” for clockwise wrapping and “CCW” for counter clockwise wrapping). If longer wires are needed, up to 50 feet of 12Ga stranded wire can be added to the antenna wires with an insulated butt end wire connector or they Page 2 Page 3 can be replaced with 70 feet of 12Ga stranded wire. PR