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Инструкция по эксплуатации La Pavoni, модель P180

Производитель: La Pavoni
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50 Hz or 120 Vac. 60Hz on request Absorbed power: 1,7 KW Selections: 9 selections.with 2 sugar sekections Payment systems options: 12 VAC or 24 VAC coin acceptors Executive / MDB (optional kit) Pag. 2 Pag. 31 Pag. 30 GRINDER You can adjust the quantity of ground coffee through a screw (2); the more you unscrew it, the more the quantity increases. If you want to adjust the grinding degree, first you have to push the catch (6), then you have to screw clockwise the grind-stone holder (1) for a finer grinding, while counterclockwise for a thicker one. Before starting the grinder, make sure the catch is again in one of the grind-stone holder holes. The grinding adjustment result is not immediate but you need 2/3 espresso cycles before the real grinding degree is done. After that you can adjust again if you need it. Pag. 3 INSTALLATION Before installing the machine, read carefully the manual. The installation site must be level and dry. ELECTRIC CONNECTION Before connecting the machine to an electric plug, please follow these precautions: o The main supply must be suitable for the machine power requirements (1600W). o Check that the power supply voltage is the same as the one shown in the rating label. o Check that the main socket is correctly earthed, o If the power supply cable is to be replaced, use only original cables. The manufacturer will not accept responsibility for any damage claiming if these précautions are not complied with. The machine is provided with a general lighted switch, located on the back panel, and with a security push button on the chassis that will cut off the power to the electronic board when you open the door. If you want to restore the power when the door is open, take out the push button. All the machine electric devices work with a 24 VDC voltage, except for boiler heating element and the transformer that work with 230 or 115 VAC. Pag. 4 LEGEND F WATER FILTER VA ONE-WAY VALVE D LIMESTONE FILTER (OPTIONAL) CV FLOWMETER P PUMP V VALVOLA NON RITORNO C BOILER EVI TEA ELECTRO VAL VE EV2 MILK & CHOCOLATE ELECTRO VAL VE EV3 NOT AVAILABLE EVE ESPRESSO ELECTROVALVE GE ESPRESSO BREWER Ml TEA MIXING GROUP M2 MILK & CHOCOLATE MIXING GROUP S WASTE Ul TEA OUTLET U2 MILK & CHOCOLATE OUTLET U3 NOT AVAILABLE uc ESPRESSO OUTLET Pag. 29 HYDRAULIC DIAGRAM D <]■= □<]!= ir |[>C cv iV.A. F =1[>C V Evl Ev2 at =1[>C EvE H" GE V S 1 _ V V UC U3 Pag. 28 HYDRAULIC CONNECTION IMPORTANT: THE MANUFACTURER RECOMMENDS THE INSTALLATION OF A DESCALING FILTER, THEREFORE HE WILL NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED BY SCALE. The machine can be installed as follows: Table top installation: Connect the mains pipe to the in-let electro valve. Check the pressure by the manometer, if it is over 1 bar, adjust it with the inside reducer. Cabinet installation: Place the machine on the cabinet, insert the pipe with the filter, the one-way valve and the float into the 151t tank and the grey pipe into the 5 It waste tank. In order to discharge the coffee pucks into a bag, fix it up to the cabinet conveyer with the special hook and insert the chute under the espresso brewer. Finally screw the machine on the cabinet. PAYMENT SYSTEM CONNECTION ■ 12V PARALLEL connect to keyboard connector COIN12V (see picture at page 7). ■ 24V PARALLEL connect to keyboard connector COIN24V (see picture at page 7). ■ EXECUTIVE / MDB connect to the relative cables (optional) After the payment system connection, you must set the kind of payment system in programming (see at page 15). Pag. 5 LOADING PRODUCTS: fill the canisters with the products. CUPS: open the cover and insert the cups in the two columns (see picture). STIRRERS: pull the stirrer's container, insert them and push the container in its position (see picture). PROGRAMMING BUTTONS Pag. 6 ELECTRIC DIAGRAM LEGEND A Main power supply 230 Vac B Main switch C Anti-interference filter D Transformer 230 / 24 Vac IT Circuit breaker 7 A E Brewer unit heating element 24 Vac F Fan G Safety thermostat 145°C H Boiler heating element 1500W IP Door switch S Boiler’s temperature sensor MG Supply position Microswitch MS Starting position Microswitch MD Doser microswitch GA Float MC not used CV Flowmeter 1 Grinder motor 2 Coffee releasing solenoid 3 Brewer motor 4 Coffee electrovalve 5 Pump 7 Milk & chocolate electrovalve & whipper motor 8 Milk motor 9 Sugar motor 10 Chocolate motor 11 Tea electro valve & whipper motor 12 Tea motor 13 Column movement solenoid 14 Cup releasing motor + stirrer releasing solenoid + cup-arm movement solenoid FI 1.6AFuse F2 10A Fuse Pag. 27 ELECTRIC DIAGRAM WIRES’ COLOR LEGEND 00 Black 66 Blue 11 Brown 77 Violet 22 Red 88 Grey 33 Orange 99 White 44 Yellow XX Pink 55 Green YY Light blue Pag. 26 KEYBOARD 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 E “PROG” BUTTON “QUICK” BUTTON 1 CUP’S RELEASING MICROSWITCH PROG QUICK MENU Pag. 7 SWITCHING ...

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