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Инструкция по эксплуатации Martin Fireplaces, модель 400BWBCA

Производитель: Martin Fireplaces
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10 61D0008 61D0008 11 8" Min. 6" Min. Brick or Stone from Top of Platform Brick or Stone Hearth Extension 52" (400 Models) 66" (500 Models) 16" Min. (400 Unit) 20" Min. (500 Unit) 8" Min. 6" Min. Brick or Stone from Top of Platform Brick or Stone Hearth Extension 52" (400 Models) 66" (500 Models) 16" Min. (400 Unit) 20" Min. (500 Unit) FLOOR PROTECTION INSTALLING FIREPLACE ON COMBUSTIBLE FLOOR If fireplace is installed on a combustible floor, protect the floor area either side of the fireplace opening and in the front with an insulating non-combustible hearth extension. (16" [400 unit] or 20" [500 unit] minimum in front of fireplace and 8" minimum on both sides. See Figures 6 through 12. Fireplace Platform May Extend Under Hearth Extension if Desired Platform (If Necessary) Metal Safety Strip Must Be Use if Unit Is Placed on Combustible Floor Metal Safety Strip Must Be Use if Unit Is Placed on Combustible Floor Figure 6 - Installing Floor Protection (Circulating Model) Figure 6 - Installing Floor Protection (Radiant Model) Fireplace Hearth Extension Clearances & Width 400 Unit 500 Unit On Both Sides 8" Min. 8" Min. Front of Fireplace 16" Min. 20" Min. Extension Width 52" 66" Note: Do not block the side air vents or air inlet louvers on the lower front of the fireplace with hearth extension. Air vents and air inlet louvers allow necessary cooling air around the fireplace. Determine the finished height of the hearth extension to be used. Raise the fireplace on a platform, if necessary, to prevent blocking of air openings and lower louvered panel. Note: No platform is needed if hearth extension does not exceed 1" thick for circulating units or 6." for radiant units. Air Vents — DO NOT BLOCK 12 61D0008 52" (400 Models) 66" (500 Models) Safety Strip 3"x36" Min. (400 Unit) 3"x42" Min. (500 Unit) 16" Min. (400 Unit) 20" Min. (500 Unit) 21" 211/2" 401/2" 401/8" (400 Unit) 461/8" (500 Unit) 16"min. - 400 unit 20" min. - 500 unit 8" 8" INSTALLING FIREPLACE ON COMBUSTIBLE FLOOR (CONTINUED) This hearth extension must be either 6" (minimum) thick stone or brick; a H1652 (400 units) or H2066 (500 units) Hearth Extension Kit; or a locally constructed hearth that has a “K” factor less than .43 and at least ." thick. For other non-combustibles, the total thickness minimum is 1.16 times its thermal conductivity (K). The following relations could be useful — Minor shifting of the supporting floor or expansion and contraction may eventually cause a crack to develop between the hearth extension and the face of the fireplace with either type hearth extension. To help prevent the cracking, firmly fasten the hearth extension materials in place. Screw wall ties to the face of the fireplace. Imbed the wall ties in the mortar joints of brick, stone, or other non-combustible materials. Place metal safety strip packed with the fireplace beneath the fireplace. Extend metal safety strip under the hearth extension or into a mortar joint of the hearth. See Figures 6 through 9. If a crack does eventually develops, the metal safety strip will prevent sparks or embers from falling from the fireplace onto combustible flooring materials. FLOOR PROTECTION Figure 8 - Installing Hearth Extension (Circulating Model Shown) Figure 9 - Installing Hearth Extension and Metal Safety Strip Only install metal safety strip horizontal to the fireplace. WARNING Gas Opening Junction Box Opening Floor Level Fireplace Hearth Metal Safety Strip C = K divided by the material thickness (Example C = .43 divided by 1/2 (.50) C = .86) K = C multiplies by the material thickness (Example K = .86 multiplied by 1/2 (.50) K = .43) R = The material thickness divided by K (Example R = 1/2 (.50) divided by .43 R = 1.16) C = Thermal Conductant R = Thermal Resistance FIREPLACE INSTALLATION UNPACKING FIREPLACE Unpack and check the fireplace and chimney for damage. If any items are been damaged or missing, contact your Martin Hearth and Heating dealer. Do not substitute parts. Use only parts listed for use with Martin Hearth and Heating Models 400BWBA, 400BWBIA, 400BWBCA, 400BWBCIA. 500BWBA, 500BWBIA, 500BWBCA and 500BWBCIA fireplaces. CLEARANCES 1. Provide required clearances shown in Figures 10 through 12. Provide 2" minimum chimney air space clearance to combustibles. 2. Place fireplace in the desired location. Securely support and level fireplace. Check face of the fireplace with a carpenter.s level. If fireplace is not plumb, correct it by placing shims under the edges of fireplace. 3. Block in the fireplace to prevent any shifting of firebox. Secure fireplace with nails or screws through the flanges located on each side of the fireplace. Do not enclose the fireplace until the combustion air duct and chimney pipes are installed. Note: Some local codes may require electrically grounding the fireplace and chimney. Continued ..............................................................................................................................................................

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