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Инструкция по эксплуатации Monessen Hearth, модель VF6000-CMN-2

Производитель: Monessen Hearth
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The gas control valve is located in the lower control compartment. To access the valve open the lower control compartment door (Figure 12). The control valve has a 3/8" NPT thread inlet port and is fitted with a 3" (76 mm) long nipple, 3/8" NPT on both ends. Plan the connections accordingly. We recom- mend that the gas line be routed for the left side of the appliance to ensure adequate ac- cess to the rear lower compartment for instal- lation and servicing of the optional FAB-1100 blower. Secure all joints tightly using appropriate tools and sealing compounds (ensure pro- pane resistant compounds are used in pro- pane applications). Turn on gas supply and test for gas leaks, using a gas leak test solution (also referred to as bubble leak solution). Note: Using a soapy water solution (50% dish soap, 50% water) is an effective leak test solution but it is not recommended, because the soap residue that is left on the pipes/ fittings can result in corrosion over time. Never use an open flame to check for leaks. A. Light the appliance (refer to safety and lighting instructions on pages 18 and 19) (See *Note). Figure 12 Gas Stub 1/2" x 3/8" FlareShut-Off Valve 3/8" Flex Tubing 3/8" NPT x 3/8" Flare Fitting 3/8" Nipple, Standardwith all Units 3/8" Union 3/8" Close Nipple 3/8" Shut-Off Valve 1/2" x 3/8" Reducer Gas Valve Gas Flex Line Kit, Model GFLV Brush all joints and connections with the gas leak test solution to check for leaks. If bubbles are formed, or gas odor is detected, turn the gas control knob to the “OFF” position. Either tighten or refasten the leaking connection and retest as described above. C. When the gas lines are tested and leak free, be sure to rinse off the leak testing solution. D. When the gas lines are tested and leak free, observe the individual tongues of flame on the burner. Make sure all ports are open and producing flame evenly across the burner. If any ports are blocked, or partially blocked, clean out the ports. An external regulator must be used on all propane (L.P.G.) heaters, in addition to the regulator fitted to the heater, to reduce the supply tank pressure to 13" w.c. (maximum). WARNING: CONNECTING DIRECTLY TO AN UNREGULATED PROPANE TANK CAN CAUSE AN EXPLOSION. Step 6. Installing the Optional Remote Wall Switch – The standard millivolt system comes from the factory wired as shown in Figure 13. Select a convenient location for the remote wall switch and connect the wiring to the appliance (Figure 14). CAUTION: DO NOT CONNECT THE OPTIONAL REMOTE SWITCH TO A 120V POWER SUPPLY. Note:The optional rocker switch is mounted to the appliance and wired in the same way as the remote wall switch. Step 7. Installing the Optional Forced Air Blower Kit Wiring – A receptacle plate is provided for the installation of the FAB-1100 forced air blower kit (optional). Electrical power must be provided to this plate to operate the blower. Route a 3-wire, 120Vac power line with control switch to the lower left front corner of the appliance. Supply wires are to be connected to t...

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