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Инструкция по эксплуатации Master Lock, модель WA 41 A

Производитель: Master Lock
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Montazu nalezy dokonac zgodnie z lokalnymi przepisami, ktore mogq si? odbiegac od zalecen w ponizszej instrukcji obstugi. Сборку следует провести в согласии с местными законами, которые могут отличаться от этого руководства. CONTENTS PAGE SPIS TRESCI STRONA СОДЕРЖАНИЕ СТРАНИЦА Description, warnings and installation Opis, ostrzezenia i montaz Описание, предупреждения, сборка Combustion chamber, ignition procedire and safeguards Komora spalania, uruchamianie i zabezpieczenia Камера сгорания, порядок запуска, предохранительные устройства Maintenance, taking out of operation, and draught test indicator Konserwacja, wyt^czanie i tester przewodu kominowego поддержка, oкончание процесса и указатель проверки тяги Drawing Schemat urz^dzenia Схема нагревателя Spare parts list Lista czçsci zamiennych Список запасных частей Faults Usuwanie usterek Устранение неисправностей Technical details Dane techniczne Технические данные Electric wiring diagram Schemat elektryczny Электрическая схема ж ж ж 40.020.040 ENGLISH To obtain full benefit from the WA 41 A and trouble free operation, read the following instructions and information carefully. DESCRIPTION AND FUNCTION * The control panel incorporates a switch, a locking device for the fuel and a pilot light. * The electric pump motor drives the fuel pump, which is positioned in the tank. * The fuel pump delivers fuel to the combustion dish and is controlled by means of the button above the control panel, At position low, the consumption is approx. 2,5 l/h. At position high, the consumption is approx. 4,3 l/h. One and another depends on viscosity. * The main fan is controlled by a thermostat. As soon as the combustion chamber has warmed up sufficiently, the fan starts to operate. * The burner is equipped with an air intake fan to supply air for combustion. This air combustion fan stops when the flame has extinguished. Pipes $ 200 mm can be connected to this fan so that the combustion air can be sucked from outside the area to be heated. * Most types of waste oil can be used, such as gearbox oil, gas oil, diesel oil, hydraulic oil, HBO 1, 2 and 3, but not those with a high viscosity, such as SAE90. DO NOT USE TRANSFORMER OIL WHICH MIGHT CONTAIN SUBSTANCES DETRIMENTAL TO THE PERFORMANCE OF THE BURNER (PCB) * When the pump motor stops, the flame will extinguish once the fuel in the burner dish is exhausted. WARNINGS 1 There could be a possible danger of explosion if the burner is reignited while it is still warm. 2 There must be sufficient air for combustion; make sure that the combustion air intake fan is never blocked. 3 Modifications made to the burner by dealer or end user, invalidate the manufacturer's warranty. INSTALLATION * For installation, consult the local prescriptions. * The burner must be installed on a completely level, concrete floor. * Check that the chose position presents no problem for: - electrical supply 230V/2Amp.; - flue pipe installation; - combustion air supply. * Open the top cover of the burner and remove the cover of the combsution chamber. * The following items are packed within the combustion chamber: 1x T-piece with built-in draught stabiliser for flue pipe connection 1x cleaning shovel 1x scraping tool to remove residue from combustion dish 1x combustion dish 2x burner ring 1x spare card to seal the bottom of com- bustion chamber 2x handle with bolts 1x pedal FLUE PIPE For clean and trouble free combustion, it is essential that the flue pipe is installed correctly. a. minimum diameter of flue pipe: 150mm b. check that flue connections are well sealed c. minimum flue height: 5 m d. the wind must be able to reach the top of the flue from all directions (e.g.: it may be necessary to extend flue above roof apex) e. all pipes should be vertical if possible, keep horizontal pipes to the absolute minimum f. avoid bends in the flue installation if possible but if unavoidable e.g. if flue has two bends because of installation through a wall or window, then: 1. the pipe should be as high as possible within the building 2. flue pipe outside the building should be insulated (double walled) 3. the minimum height of the flue has to be increased to 7.5 m to compensate. use a raincap -NLC- COMBUSTION CHAMBER (see figure 1) * Place burner ring (1) in the burner pot and replace combustion chamber cover. * Unlock the sliding bottom drawer (2) by means of pedal (3) and safety catch (6) and open. * The bottom of the combustion chamber and combustion dish are now accessible, see figure 2. Ignition and cleaning can now be dealt with easily. IGNITION PROCEDURE 1. Fill the tank with fuel. Slide the locking button on the control panel vertically to open the tank, which hinges forward. 2. Switch to "0"; connect plug to electricity sypply and switch on at socket. 3. Put capacity regulator in low position. 4. Pour apporx. 1/3 litre of paraffin in the combustion dish. Crumple some paper into a bal...

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