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Инструкция по эксплуатации Hasty-Bake, модель Fiesta

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The cooking style indicator on the front of the Hasty-Bake is linked to the lift mechanism and eliminates any quess work about the position of the fire. Different cooking methods require varying placements of the fire. Because the fire box (instead of the cooking grills) may be moved up or down, the cooking space inside the hood remains unchanged during fire box adjustments. This is important when cooking large turkeys, hams or both. THERMOMETER (6) Accurate to within 1%, this stainless steel bi-metal thermometer helps you maintain your desired cooking temperature. Owner’s Guide & Instruction Manual Assembly Instructions Suburban/Continental/Legacy/Gourmet Your new Hasty-Bake oven should arrive almost fully assembled. However, a few items are left unassembled for ease of shipping or loading into vehicles. The unit is not difficult to assemble and there are only two tools needed for assembly: a Phillips screwdriver and a crescent wrench. If you have any problems assembling your Hasty-Bake, please call 1-800-4AN-OVEN. CRANK HANDLE Screw the crank handle into threaded hole on the left side of the oven (the side of the oven opposite the full-width fire door) and continue to turn until the lift mechanism is moving up and down. GREASE CUP HOLDER Attach the grease cup holder to the left side of the cabinet base using either the top or bottom rotisserie bracket mounting holes located at the center of the oven, directly below the draft vents. The bolt, nut and lockwasher should already be attached to the grill base. Leave the remaining bolt in place to plug the unused hole. (These same bolts are also used to mount the rotisserie should you purchase one for your grill.) Place the grease cup on the holder and bend the arms to fit around the foil cup. GREASE DRAIN ROD Insert the grease drain rod into the unit. The rod should be positioned with the notched hole inserted into the retaining hole, which is located on the inside of the oven, centered and directly above the fire door on the right side of the unit. For the drainage system to operate properly, DO NOT insert the rod into the rotisserie spit rod hole on the oven base. The end of the rod without the notched hole extends through the center draft hole on the left side of the unit and hangs over the foil cup, positioned on the outside of the grill. PUSH HANDLE The push handle fits into holes located on the left side of the unit. This is a “friction fit”, so work on one side at a time, rotating the handle into the holes. After you have worked the handle partially into both holes, push the handle in completely. Attach with the four larger bolts, lockwashers, and nuts provided in the bag. If your push handle is delivered with a side work table in place, installation will be easier if the work table is removed first. Once the handle is bolted in place, snap the table back on. NOTE: Lift and push your Hasty-Bake with this handle, DO NOT pull the unit behind you. HOOD HANDLE Attach the hood handle with the two small bolts and lockwashers provided in the bag. COOKING GRILLS The two cooking grills sit on lips positioned near the top of base cabinet along the front and back sides. Set grills with “V” facing down. FIRE GRATE Place the fire grate into the bottom of the fire box. FIRE BOX The fire box slides into the channels on the lift mechanism, which is located inside the unit above the ash pan. ASH PAN The ash pan slides into support runners on each side of the cabinet base. HEAT DEFLECTOR The heat deflector slides over and rests on the lift mechanism rails above the fire box. It can be moved along the length of the fire box or removed and stored elsewhere, depending on your chosen cooking method. NOTE: If the fire box is raised to the highest position (“sear”) with the heat deflector in place, the grease drain rod will bend. FRONT WORK TABLE The stainless steel front work table simply rests on the front of the oven base. The table must be removed and stored, either in the grill or in the storage area under the ash pan, for your Hasty-Bake grill cover to fit. 6 7 8 9 10 11 Owner’s Guide & Instruction Manual Parts Diagrams FIESTA 1. Fire box 2. Grease drain system 3. Full-width fire door 4. Cooking grills 5. Heat deflector 6.Thermometer 7.Ash pan PORTABLE 1. Fire box 2. Full-width fire door 3. Cooking grills 4. Heat deflector 5.Ash pan Note: Since your new Portable grill is completely assembled, all you need to do is put the cooking grill in the proper position. The fire door can be adjusted to open easier or close tighter simply by slightly bending the fire door clips up or down. Over time, heat from usage may require the clips to be adjusted periodically. Caring for your Hasty-Bake Constructed by hand, each Hasty-Bake unit contains only the highest- quality materials to provide unequaled performance, convenience and durability. With proper care and basic maintenance, you can expect our black powder finish, cold-rolled steel ovens to last for 15 to 25 years (or longer). Ou...

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