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Robertshaw 9420

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Contact your local waste management authority for instructions regarding proper disposal of the thermostat. If you have any questions, call Robertshaw technical support at 1-800-445-8299. Step 2: Installing Model 9420 Thermostat NOTE: FOR NEW INSTALLATIONS, MOUNT THERMOSTAT ON INSIDE WALL, FIVE FEET ABOVE THE FLOOR. DO NOT INSTALL BEHIND A DOOR, IN A CORNER, NEAR AIR VENTS, IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT, OR NEAR ANY HEAT OR STEAM GENERATING FIXTURES. INSTALLATION AT THESE LOCATIONS WILL AFFECT THERMOSTAT O


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Finally, a programmable thermostat that’s easy to program. Similar to a common cell phone, this menu driven programming style is so easy, you don’t even need a manual. Since programming is a breeze, your customers will really appreciate energy saving features like adjustable minimum and maximum temperature controls, and Energy Efficient Recovery.TM The 9715i is compatible with all standard 24 Volt AC heating and cooling systems, up to two stage heat and two stage cool. We took the guess work out