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B&K AVR101 Series, AVR202 Series

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Check that you are in USER PREFERENCE SETUP and that the remote is in AUDIO mode. EDIT PRESET OPTIONS Full Edit Preset No )8//(',712 USER PREFERENCE SETUP 1 Edit Preset Options2 Edit Source Names 3 Display options4 Surround Modes move to new line select menu pageprevious page (',7237,216­ . SEL MENU adjust parameterprevious page ¬® MENU return to USER PREFERENCE SETUP MENUMENU4 choose optionVOLUME KNOB.(REW) or.(FF)3 activate EDIT PRESET OPTIONS. (ENTER)SEL or ENTER2 move to Edit Preset OptionsU

B&K AVR315

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Replace only with same type and value. Note: the voltage label located on the AC fuse holder cover plate. 2. AC input receptacle - For attaching the supplied AC power cord to the receiver. 3. IEEE 1394 input (optional) For future interface applications. 4. Control outs - Outputs that allow you to remotely control external devices. (See “Making The Connection“). 5. IR in - Accepts input from external IR receptors. Connect an IR repeater (“home run”) to IR IN for controlling the receiver. This met

B&K AVR202 Series

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Users with large front speakers may wish to use them with a subwoofer for movies to keep the extreme bass contained in some movies out of their front speakers. However, they may wish to use their front speakers as full range speakers when listening to stereo music material. If this is your case then set STEREO OPERATION to LARGE. We do not recommend using the LARGE setting if you use small, satellite or bookshelf speakers as the bass information even in stereo music may damage the speakers at hi

B&K SR10.1

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GUIDE TO SIMPLE HOME THEATER OPERATION © 2002 B & K Components Ltd. All rights reserved. B & K Components, Ltd. . 2100 Old Union Road . Buffalo, New York 14227 1.800.543.5252 In NY: 716.656.0026 Fax: 716.656.1291 E-mail: info@bkcomp.com . On the web: Table of Contents Finding the MAIN Menu 1 Turn On the System 2 Using the MAIN Menu 3 Select a New ACTIVITY 3 Select a DEVICE Only 4 Controlling the Volume 5 Operating Any Device 5 Using FAV - Favorites 7 Backlighting 9 Changing CONTRAST 9 Batteries


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Built around the world’s first high- performance A/V receiver integrated with source control and multizone audio and video distribution, W.H.E.N. systems are capable of streaming eight central entertainment sources (including up to six video sources) to a home theater and as many as 20 additional rooms. W.H.E.N.™ begins here and now The centerpiece of every W.H.E.N. system is the Audioaccess AVR21EN, a high- performance surround receiver that incorporates exciting new technologies from Audioacce

B&K AVR 707/705

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This warranty gives you specific legal rights. Your may also have other rights which vary from State to State. Some States do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages and the foregoing exclusions may not apply to you. No agent, representative, dealer or employee of B&K has the authority to increase or alter the obligations or terms of this warranty. Returning Equipment NoequipmentmaybereturnedtoB&K ComponentsLtd. withoutaRETURNAUTHORIZATION(RA). Shouldyoufindi

B&K Series 2

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No part of this manual may be copied or reproduced in any form without prior written consent from B&K Components, Ltd. B&K Components Ltd. SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR OPERATIONAL, TECHNICAL OR EDITORIAL ERRORS/OMISSIONS MADE IN THIS MANUAL. The information in this manual is subject to change without prior notice. Accessories Included BK& 1 - Warranty Card 1 - User Manual 1 - Serial to RJ-45 Adapter SIMPLY BETTER! SIMPLY BETTER! is a registered trademark of B&K Components, Ltd. Manufactured under lic

B&K AVR305

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0717A Set Zone 2 (B) product ID - Each message transmitted from your remote includes a Product Code, identifying the manufacturer, and Zone product ID code from 1 to 16. The product ID code allows multiple B&K products to be controlled from the same remote. Your receiver actually uses two product ID codes -one for Zone 1 (A) (normally set to ID code 1) and the other for Zone 2 (B) (normally set to ID code 2). If you have a system with multiple B&K products then you may wish to set the Zone produ

B&K AVP 4090

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Confidential Unpublished Works. © 1992-1997 Dolby Laboratories, Inc. All rights reserved. DTS® is a registered trademark of Digital Theater Systems, L.L.C., Motorola®, ‘Powered by Motorola’™ name and logo are trademarks of Motorola, Inc. © Copyright 1996 All Rights Reserved. B&K Components, Ltd. 2100 Old Union Road, Buffalo New York 14227-2725 (716)656-0023 FAX (716)656-1291 Table of Contents page 3 Features page 4 Display page 5,7 Front panel view page 6 Front panel description page 6 - 7 Rear

B&K Programmable Keypad CK2.2

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Choose a backlight color for the entire keypad or customize a backlight color for each device. B&K Simply Better! B&K Components Limited | Buffalo, New York | | 8 0 0 . 5 4 3 . 5 2 5 2 | 7 1 6.6 56.0 02 3 CK2.2/CK1.1 Programmable Keypads Back Panel CK2.2 Master Out (CAT-5) Master In (CAT-5) CK1.1 CK2.2 Features 4MB (512KB) of Programmable Memory Fully Integrated with the B&K Editor Software Suite Ability to Control Up to 50 Separate Devices USB PC Interface IR Macros Up to 255 Steps p