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Asko D1776

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FOR RESIDENTIAL INS FOR RESIDENTIAL INSFOR RESIDENTIAL INSTALLATIONS ONL TALLATIONS ONLTALLATIONS ONLY YY LENGTH OF WARRANTY LENGTH OF WARRANTYLENGTH OF WARRANTY A AA S SS KO WILL P KO WILL PKO WILL P A AA Y YY FOR: FOR:FOR: Three-Year Full Warranty From date of purchase. ASKO replacement parts and/or repair labor to correct defect in materials or workmanship. Service must be provided by an authorized ASKO service agent. Fourth & Fifth Year Limited Warranty Three year full plus fourth and fifth


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Asko 7005

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Further details and hints are given below the strip. Parts of the tumble dryer Adjustable feet Lint filter Filter holder Control panel Main On/Off switch indication lamp which Illuminates when the main switch is on. O rl T


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NOTE: Always consult local and national electric codes. Refer to Product Installation Guide for detailed installation instructions on the web at Specifications subject to change. 8.0 Cu. Ft. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 50 Yes Yes Sanitize 11 5 5 Yes 4 Adjustable Yes Optional Optional Optional Included RR MB IW 38" 53" 27" 31-1/2" 50-5/8" Bottom Right Rear 240V/60Hz/30A 6.48 27 5500 140 Lbs. 1Based on manufacturer specifications. 2 Fast time based on smallest load / Fast Wash and Fast

Asko LAVATHERM 32600

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The warning triangle and/or the key words (Warning!, Caution!, 1 Important!), emphasize information which is important for your safety or the correct functioning of the appliance. It is essential that this information is observed. 0 This symbol guides you step by step when operating the appliance. This symbol gives additional information and practical tips on using the 3 appliance. Tips and information about the economical and environmentally 2 friendly use of the machine are marked with the clo

Asko Lavatherm 450 R

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. i „ > *k - I <■ •*. • J 5* 13 Operating procedure LAVATHERM 450 R Timer S button Door release button Plug the appliance in Press door release button to open the door i-4 Loosely load the laundry into the drum Close door - it must click into position, as otherwise the dryer will not start to work. Set the required drying time by turning the timer in a clockwise direction (see table on page 16). The “0” position is marked by the dot above the timer. The dryer will start to tumb

Asko W6761

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Press until “Select spin speed” displays. 2. Use the . buttons to raise or lower the spin speed setting. To omit the spin cycle, press the arrow button until “No Spin” displays. To omit the spin and final drain cycles, press the arrow until “No Drain” displays. (Note: You will have to run a drain program to open the door.) 3. When the spin speed you prefer displays, press . The LCD will display the new spin speed. 4. If you only want to use this setting temporarily (for this one load), press

Asko T793

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Note This manual does not cover every possible condition and situation that may occur. Use common sense and caution when installing, operating, and maintaining any appliance. Interrupting a program You can stop a drying program by: • Opening the door. The drum will then stop automatically. • Pressing the main power switch. • Press the Stopp button for three seconds. When you want to resume tumble drying, simply close the door and press the Start button. Packing material Please sort waste materia

Asko W6441

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. When the washer has completed a program, press this button to open the door. Note that the power must be on and the unit must be at the end of a program and the water drained before the door will open. NOTE: For instructions on how to open the door manually in case of power failure, see page 24. . Turn this knob to the desired program. The table on the following page defines each program. . Turn this knob clockwise to the desired wash temperature. Always refer to the garments’ care labels fo

Asko 750 Series

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• Disconnect electrical power to dishwasher before servicing. • Repairs should be done by a qualified technician. • Do not tamper with controls. • Do not touch the heating element during or immediately after use. • When loading items to be washed: - Locate sharp items and knives so that they are not likely to damage the door seal or tub. - Load sharp items and knives with the handles up to reduce the risk of cut-type injuries. • Under certain conditions, hydrogen gas may be produced in a hot wat