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Aphex Systems 9005PS

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Категория: Источники питания и БП

+ 24V 1.5A +15V 5A Dimensions: 19"W x 3.5"H x 8.625"H 19"W x 3.5"H x 8.625"H 19"W x 5.25"H x 8.625"H Shipping Weight: 15 lbs. 19 lbs. 23 lbs. Net Weight: 14 lbs. 18 lbs. 21 lbs. Aphex Modular System Power Supplies Models 9000PS/9001PS/9005PS Power Consumption Planner As is commonly known, quality audio processing starts with enough current headroom to supply the most extreme audio swings on demand. With the wide variety of processing modules available for the 9000 Series, it might be neces

Aphex Systems Broadcast Audio Processor 2020Mk II

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Категория: Ресиверы и усилители

Many of our processors have become the de new proprietary techniques the 2020MkII was born. Aphex facto standard of the industry in their particular categories -research ensures that each and every link in the 2020MkII (Dominator®, Compellor®, Aural Exciter®, Big Bottom®, etc.). processing chain outperforms any comparable link in any It is with this heritage that we undertook the development competitive product. When the links are combined the MkII of the original 2020. After five years in devel

Aphex Systems 1401

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Категория: Музыкальные инструменты

Very soon, the magic of Aural Excitement was discovered by recording and touring artists all over the world. It didn't take long for competitors to elbow in, but they never created anything as good as a real Aural Exciter. In 1990, Aphex introduced the legendary Big Bottom® to balance out the benefits of the Aural Exciter. Big Bottom is now as sought after as Aural Excitement and is renown in its own right. As powerful as they are alone, the Aural Exciter and Big Bottom are doubly powerful when

Aphex Systems Dominator II 720

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Категория: Ресиверы и усилители

Through the use of multiband techniques along with new proprietary circuits, the audibility of limiting action has been greatly reduced, especially when compared to conventional limiters. This means that greater limiting depth is possible, resulting in higher loudness with maintained audio quality. At virtually any limiting depth, the Dominator II is free of “hole punching”, “dullness”, and most other effects normally associated with limiters. As a peak overshoot protection limiter, the Dominato

Aphex Systems 661

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Категория: Ресиверы и усилители

20K . Unbalanced 10K . 10K . Nominal Level: +4dBu -10dBV (-7.8dBu) Maximum Level: +25dBu +13dBV (+15.2dBu) CMRR (typical): >90dB/100Hz; >70dB/1kHz; >50dB/20kHz same OUTPUT Connector: 3-pin XLR male and TRS 1/4” phone jack same Type: Transformerless, differential servo- balanced (may be used unbalanced) same Impedance: Balanced 65 . same Unbalanced 65 . same Nominal Level: +4dBu -10dBV (-7.8dBu) Maximum Level: Balanced +22dBu +8dBV (+10.2dBu) Unbalanced +20dBu +8dBV (+10.2dBu) AUDIO Frequency Res

Aphex Systems Dominator II 722

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Категория: Ресиверы и усилители

As the input increases above threshold, the output takes the shape of the de-emphasis curve. When both pre and de-emphasis are switched out, the Model 722 works exactly like the Model 720. RCH DENSITY - adjusts RANGE - when switched the Relative Crest Height to the “.10” position it adds ach (RCH) of the output. a 10dB boost in the input The higher the RCH and a 10dB cut in the and of (clockwise) the louder the output. The PEAK CEILING output. The lower the is therefore 10dB lower nnel RCH (coun

Aphex Systems 1403

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Категория: Музыкальные инструменты

It's not just boost. The effect protects speakers while it extends their bass producing capability. For acoustic instruments it “brings out the box“. In other words, it adds a warmer tone that makes the instrument sound bigger and fuller. For guitars, it gives you another dimension of expression at the lower end of the scale. It's not a synthesizer of any kind. It takes what is there and enhances it intelligently. Look What the Reviewers are Saying! ...this pedal is amazing. It would be worth

Aphex Systems Foot Pedal 1404

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Категория: Музыкальные инструменты

Various devices can be used to create the core circuit that controls the gain of the compressor in response to a control signal. Each type of device has its own advantages and disadvantages. Every available technology has produced popular compressors over the years. However, one of the most beloved types of compressors is the “optical compressor”. An optical compressor is created from the combination of a light sensitive resistor called a photocell, and a controllable light source such as a sma

Aphex Systems Pro x8 228

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Категория: Музыкальные центры

Our products are known around the world for their ultra-high sound quality. It's our benchmark. Given that the Model 228 is a relatively simple product, nothing more than a level interface, we placed a high priority on endowing it with the best sound quality possible. That's why we designed it with high-voltage impedance-balanced outputs and ground-loop isolating unbalanced inputs. The audio circuitry was carefully crafted throughout to maximize sonic performance. There are no cookbook audio cir

Aphex Systems Compellor 320D

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Категория: Ресиверы и усилители

Leading Aphex Technology The Compellor circuits are totally unique. By throwing away all conventional design ideas, we created audio processing with unprecedented sound transparency, yet is exceedingly effective at controlling levels. Because our designs are patented, no other company has been able to match the performance. Algorithms like our exclusive “DVG”, “DRC”, and “FDL” have yet to find any rivals. Unmatched Reliability Aphex engineering and manufacturing produces products that last and l