Universal Electronics VR101606

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(including battery pack) ■ Built-in easy to read guage ■ Ergonomic hand grip ■ Charger with A/C & D/C adapters ■ Built-in fluorescent working lamp ■ Other attachments included for numerous applications ■ Rechargeable from 120-volt source or 12-volt vehicle battery ■ Delivers up to 150 P.S.I. ■ Also includes a 6' DC cord that runs the unit from your vehicle's DC power supply as a back-up in case your battery power runs low. WHY UPG’S CORDLESS AIR COMPRESSOR? ■ Why be caught unprepared?

Universal Electronics UNV -35809

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Power OFF after a few minutes if no button is pressed. If a result is too big to show in the LCD, the calculator stops and displays E. Press ON/C to continue. +/- Key - Press to change the displayed number from positive (+) to negative (-) or from negative (-) to positive (+).MINUS -isdisplayed when the value is negative. MEMORY FUNCTIONS [M+] Press to add the displayed number to memory. MEMORY is displayed. [M-] Press to subtract the currently displayed number from memory. [MRC] Press once