Tyco InfoProx Exit IPX200

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Designed for simple installation and easy use, InfoProx Exit is ideal for any area where IN/OUT control is required. Available in both traditional 125 kHz proximity (IPX200) and MiFare smart card (IPX210) options, the reader, LCD display, LEDs and keypad are housed in a single polycarbonate enclosure. Despite its small size, the InfoProx Exit can display messages of up to 32 characters, which provides a system administrator or end user with immediate information about a transaction event such a

Tyco GoodKnight 420G

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M-139DFU02-10 revision C. Current pages Revision Cover C List of revisions C Table of contents A Introduction A 1 – 8 ; 11 – 20 A 9–10 ; 21 B 22 C Reference or revision Description Date M-139DFU02-10 revision A. Creation of the manual February 2002 Revision B. Modification of the manual (sections “Installing a October 2003 humidifier” and “Electrical characteristics of the power supply module”) Revision C. Modification of the manual (Implementation of the July 2005 CE-mark in the section “Symbol

Tyco B-BALL JAM 7146

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7146 A WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Toy contains small balls. Not for children under 3 years. 1 • 1 Logo Header • 1 Center Court Floor • 6 Dark Balls (larger) • 6 Light Balls (smaller) • 1 Basket • 2 Players (green and red) • 1 Main Unit (timer/scoring column) • 2 Shooter Units (left & right) • 1 Court Center Bar The first player to scores 12 pts. before time runs out or the player who has scored the most baskets when time runs out is the WINNER! 5SE!T!8uV <. Fit Basket into slots and

Tyco 7054

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7054 A WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Toy contains) small oarts and a small ball. N01 ter cmidren under 3 years. For 2 - 4 Players, Ages 6 and up Welcome to the wonderful world of Game Babies'! No ordinary babies, these teeny tots are lovable, unpredictable, game-playing babies who bounce, jump, tumble, flip, stack, spin, leap, fly—and really know how to have fun! So get ready-Game Babies have lots of games and they want to play all of them with YOU! Spinner Assembly Place 3-in-l Game Piece in