SWR Sound SWR 750x Bass Amplifier 750x

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And, of course, each 750x is assembled by hand and individually sound-tested in the USA at our factory in Southern California. It’s all part of SWR’s commitment to continued improvement and refinement of even our most popular models, so that we can continue to assist today’s bassist in the pursuit of the ultimate goal: finding equipment that not only does the job, but actually enhances the overall musical experience and contributes to the creative process. Everyone here at SWR sincerely hopes th

SWR Sound Spellbinder Blue

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The ultimate effect is a more transparent sound that opens up the sibilance characteristics of all instruments without being harsh. How the Aural Enhancer works: Think of it as a variable tone control that changes frequency range and level according to where you set the Aural Enhancer control: As you rotate the control clockwise from the Min position, you are elevating low, mid, and high frequency levels in ranges that are different, yet complementary to the Bass and Treble tone controls. The “2

SWR Sound Sound Room Bass Player

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SWR Sound Bass Combo Amplifier

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NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. PLEASE REFER TO A QUALIFIED SERVICE TECHNICIAN. A. READ INSTRUCTIONS: All safety and operation instructions should be read before the product is operated. B. RETAIN INSTRUCTIONS: The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. C. HEED WARNINGS: All of the warnings on this product and in the operating instructions should be adhered to. D. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: All operating and use instructions should be followed. E. CLEANING: Unplug

SWR Sound Amplifier POWER 750

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Don’t forget about your amplifier after it has been installed in a rack case! Continuous transportation and vibration can cause screws to become loose, both on the Power 750 and with your rack case rails. We recommend that at least once a month you remove the Power 750 from the case and tighten all outside screws (especially the rear mounted screws holding on the front panel) and wipe off the outside of the chassis with a damp cloth (to help keep that chrome nice and shiny!). Then check all the